Police say shots were fired inside Hickory Hill club, rapper claims his chain was stolen

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Video taken at a Hickory Hill nightclub is going viral. It shows hundreds of people running for cover after a group of people fired shots and then apparently robbed Washington D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy of his chain.

It happened at Dream Nightclub early Sunday morning.

Police said patrons were trying to get out of the club. They even threw a chair through a window to escape.

The gunmen apparently bragged about what they did on social media hours later. The pictures and videos were shared thousands of times across the country.

"It's being glamorized. You imagine, you put up something negative you get millions and millions of views versus you put up something positive, you may get thirty likes. It's being really, really fueled by the public," said Ladell Beamon.

Beamon founded Heal the Hood, a nonprofit working to keep kids and young adults out of gangs and away from violence.

He said this isn't the first time violence has gone viral in Memphis and is worried what's to come. He encourages you not to share the video and pictures.

"Our organization is constantly working inside the school system. We see it every day where so many people want to retaliate over senseless acts of just mischief happening all to, like I said, boost their ego," he said.

WREG contacted Shy Glizzy, but never heard back.

Those at the club were too afraid to talk with us too.

WREG went to the nightclub looking for answers, but no one would comment. Police said the owner would not file a report, afraid it would affect his business.

Some rappers are offering rewards to find the person who took Shy Glizzy's chain while police try to figure out what exactly happened.

Police said they also found empty beer bottles at the nightclub, but the business has an expired beer permit.

They've notified the Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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