Police stops brought cash to violators

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- Mary Boyd had just made a right onto Yale Road, driving her grandchildren to church Wednesday night, when she says police flashed their blue lights behind her.

"They were going, 'Nana, what have you done?' I said, 'I haven’t done anything,'" Boyd recalled.

When the Bartlett Police officer came up to the car, the officer had a different story.

"She told me the lights were out over my license plate. Nobody ever checks that, I said OK."

She took her license, went back to the car and came back with her partner. That’s when Boyd got nervous.

"They just kept going on and on. It’s just a simple light above the license plate."

Then out of nowhere, the officers broke the news.

"She said, first, you’re not getting a ticket. Then she pulled out a $100 bill."

It seems someone walked into Bartlett Police Headquarters and turned over $5,000. They asked the officers to act as elves and dole out the cash to those who need it.

"It helped a lot this week, I was laid off back in August, you know money’s tight, and it helped me have a little extra money this week," Boyd said.

Police kept it secret, just in case people would “try” to get pulled over. As of Friday night, they handed out the last $100 bill,  bringing some good cheer to Boyd and so many others this holiday season.

Police officers told us all the stops were legitimate; no one was pulled over without reason.

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