Police fear father beat 7-year-old, fed his body to pigs

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Courtesy of MS News Now

KANSAS CITY, Ks. — A domestic violence call quickly turned into a murder investigation on Wednesday after human remains were found inside a family’s barn.

Investigators believe the bones are all that’s left of the man’s 7-year-old son, who they suspect was beaten to death and then fed to pigs.

According to MS News Now, officers were called to the home of 44-year-old Michael Jones after he reportedly assaulted his wife and fired gunshots at her.

During the course of the investigation officers received a tip saying they needed to look for the body of the couple’s 7-year-old son who had come up missing.

A search of the barn turned up human remains.

Police have not been able to positively identify those remains yet.

Jones was arrested and charged not only with the attack on his wife but for “torturing or cruelly beating” his son sometime between May and the end of September.

His bond was set at $10 million.

What makes this case even more shocking for law enforcement and neighbors was the fact the couple had seven other children ranging from just 1-year-old to 11 living inside the home.

Not only did they possibly know about what happened to their brother, neighbors said, they also lived in “deplorable” conditions.

Several people have come forward saying the home was simply unfit for children to live in, and even contacted the Kansas Department for Children and Families over their concerns.

It’s unclear at this time if the child’s mother, Heather Jones, will be facing any charges in the boy’s death.

Neighbors told investigators she was the one they saw adding livestock to the family’s barn back in September.

All of the children were taken into state custody.



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