Federal government notified about Peppertree Apartments’ code violations

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's one of the worst places to live in Memphis, and now a Whitehaven apartment complex is facing a host of new problems.

Tenants told WREG the conditions are unlivable.

"The units my family lives in now, the bathroom is not even working downstairs," said David Fitzpatrick.

Code Enforcement went apartment to apartment, and what they found is disturbing.

There are problems in every building including rodents, bed bugs, broken toilets, showers and refrigerators, ceiling leaks, broken lights and a squirrel in the walls.

"I was shocked, because we were told there were no real violations with the Peppertree for a while," said Councilman Harold Collins.

Collins turned the inspector's report over to the federal government, so they know what's going on in the complex they're funding.

Collins has also asked Memphis Police Department to put together a list of crimes, so he can give that to the feds, lawmakers and district attorney too.

"We are just sick and tired of the gunshots, and the people being robbed, and we are sick and tired of the problems that continue to go on," said Collins.

PeppertreeĀ Management wouldn't return WREG's calls, but they will have to face code enforcement next week with a plan on how to fix the problems.

Collins isn't returning as City Councilman next year, but he said he will turn his work over to whomever takes his place.

Pepper Tree Apartments Report

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