32 arrests for Wynne man hit by Cross County deputy’s vehicle

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WYNNE, Ark. — A 30-year-old Wynne man with 32 arrests under his belt shared his feelings about his 13-year run in with the law.

Danny Jeffrey's arrest record dates back to 2002 and includes charges ranging from forgery to drug possession.

He admitted he's a bit of a "wild child" and has made more than his share of mistakes, his latest coming just a few days ago when he ran from police and sheriff's deputies.

"In my past criminal history, I've had a couple of incidents. You know, nobody's perfect," Jeffrey said.

But Jeffrey has been through more than just a few run ins with the law, with charges ranging from forgery, fleeing from an officer, public intoxication and drug possession.

Monday, Jeffrey wanted to set the record straight on that long list.

"Out of that 32, they were not all drug charges, they were misdemeanors," he said. "Like if I missed a month on paying my fine, there's warrant out for me. And the first cop who runs across me, they run my name, they take me to jail."

And what about those forgery charges?

Jeffrey said they stem from something he did on his personal computer.

"I got a $100 bill, and I put it on the scanner. And it printed out. Basically I was making fake notes as a game for people. But it ended up going the wrong way, and people were using it to actually spend."

Jeffrey's most recent arrest came Thursday when he was approached by Wynne Police and Cross County deputies in front of a convenience store on the west side of town.

"I knew I had, like, a child support warrant," Jeffrey said. "And I was working on the money to pay it. I was trying to stay under the radar 'til I paid it."

He ran, but he said he surrendered a block away.

Jeffrey's problems got worse when he said he was struck by a deputy's truck.

"I put my hands up in the air, literally, I gave up. And the truck hit me and ran me over," he said.

Eddie Wright saw Jeffrey get hit and said the man was knocked 10 feet in the air.

"When he come back down, he was up under the truck, and it slid all the way over to my fence right here. And I thought he was dead," said Eddie Wright.

In addition to the pain he's feeling, Jeffrey said he is also upset that he was charged with fleeing and drug possession. Jeffrey said he didn't have any drugs on him.

He's scheduled to appear in Cross County Court on Nov. 19.

He said he's lost track of how much money he's paid in fines and how many days he's spent in jail.

"I have served time in jail, yea I have. I can't give you...but I've served quite a bit."

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