Suspect in deadly police shooting has criminal history

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lorenzo Clark is being held in connection with the deadly shooting of Memphis Police Officer Terence Olridge on Sunday.

Clark is no stranger to the law. WREG found eight different cases where he had been arrested.

In 2002 he was charged in state criminal court with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. We are told he pleaded guilty to a felony charge and the case was disposed.

Clark's relatives said this is unlike him, and he never bothered anyone.

Clark has been arrested for violation of probation, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing and unlawful possession of a weapon in a public place.

His family said Clark, his wife and 9-year-old son moved to Cordova last year and, until Sunday, had no problems. They said he talked to his mother early Sunday and said a man had been driving by the house and pointed a gun at him.

At least one of Clark's Cordova neighbors said she saw another side of Clark,  who a year ago became furious when a neighbor's dog did its business in his yard.

"Beyond angry, he looked enraged," neighbor Karen Lax said. "I mean enraged! I mean I am not cutting back any on it. He was full of rage."

Clark is only being held on the charge of a convicted felon in possession of a gun, not the killing — at least not yet. Meantime, Clark will be in court Tuesday morning.

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