Mid-semester schedule issues have Wooddale High School students concerned

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Some parents and students at Wooddale High School are concerned student schedule issues could possibly cause problems for graduation.

Many Wooddale seniors told WREG they do not feel administrators are listening to them, and they are scared they might not graduate on time.

"We're trying to graduate," senior Zarious Hampton said. "With those schedules, we ain't going to graduate."

"Every time I try to go talk to him, he just blow me off," senior Ernest Jackson said.

School started eight weeks ago, and students said they have had changes made to their schedules several times.

Many said their schedules are still not right.

Some students said they cannot get into classes they need, and others said they are stuck in classes they do not need.

"Our schedules are so messed up," senior Kaneisha Pratt said. "They dropped me from my economics class and put me in practical law. I don't need practical law."

One senior showed WREG her schedule. She said she is enrolled in a class she already took and passed freshman year.

Shelby County Schools said in a statement:

"Schedule changes were made due to the new principal’s diligence in ensuring all of the students have the classes necessary to graduate. The graduation rate at Wooddale High is below 60 percent, so it is critical we take aggressive steps to improve opportunities for our students. While we understand changing schedules in the middle of the semester is not ideal, it’s necessary to ensure all our students graduate."

"They keep saying we're working on it, but I doubt it," Pratt said.

The district said the school notified parents about the schedule changes.

Several students said there are petitions circulating, hoping for a new principal.

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