BBB has issued a Consumer Alert for Memphis-based company, All Things Hair

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Better Business Bureau has sent out a Consumer Alert on a Memphis-based business that sell hair products online.

According to the news release received from the BBB, the organization has received more than 37 complaints about All Things Hair in the last seven months, and has failed to respond to over 22 of them.

Seven others are pending.

All of the complaints surrounded around the fact the company allegedly has been taking orders and withdrawing payment from the customer’s bank accounts, but not delivering the promised product.

One client in Clermont, Florida told the BBB, she paid for hair cream on April 2, but as of June 30 had still not received the product.

Another woman came forward and stated she ordered, never received a product, and has yet to get the refund she requested.

That client said she had emailed All Things Hair multiple times and has not received a response.

WREG searched for the company’s website and found the first tab on the website was a donations tab with the following message:

All Things Hair was initially started to inform women about healthy hair care. It has now branched into a line of hair products and extensions. The business started off well, but due to a lack of business knowledge, it has become a burden. I was not aware of how to sell an affordable product while still generating a profit. In essence, I was selling my products for free. While I am grateful for how the business has grown, more problems have come along with it. The demand is high, the production is slow and the money is gone. Currently, the company is really behind on orders and it seems there is no way to catch up. People are not purchasing because of the wait time. All Things Hair is at a complete halt. We are not ready to quit and are looking into different financial avenues, such as grants. However, we cannot make our customers wait any longer because of poor business decisions. We need to get our amazing product out to everyone who has placed an order. We have been having $10.00 sales for months just to remedy the situation but that has been a temporary fix to a larger problem. We are asking every follower and supporter of All Things Hair to donate $5.00. These funds will help us get orders out to our customers, improve our customer service and improve our business overall.

Sincerely, All Things Hair Owner Kristen Dickerson

In addition, the owner of All Things Hair posted a lengthy video explaining what was going on behind the scene and addressing the issues.

You can find that video here.

To protect yourself while shopping online, the BBB offered the following tips:

• Check out the company with BBB.  You can read reviews and complaints filed through BBB on their BBB Business Review report. If others have had problems getting products delivered or receiving refunds, you may too.

•  Look for a physical address and phone number on the website. Google the address to see what is at that location. Call the phone number and see if you can speak to a live representative.

• Know what the return policy is. Are there special steps you must take before packing the item and sending it back?
• Find out when the item will ship. Ask about the shipping method and if you will get a tracking number.
• Know how the company will contact you in case of a delay. FTC rules require companies to tell you when a shipment will be delayed and give you an opportunity to cancel the order and get a refund.
• Ask how the company handles lost orders. Be sure you file a claim within the allotted time frame. Some companies may try to put you off past the timeframe to file a claim.
• Pay with a credit card, not a debit card. You have more protections with a credit card if your order never arrives.
• Print out and keep confirmation of the order with the promised shipping date, any other documentation of your order, and any correspondence with the company.