National Baptist Convention addresses crime in the Bluff City

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "If you love Christ, you're going to show it," said Reverend Paul Brantley.

Reverend Brantley traveled from South Carolina to come to the National Baptist Convention here in Memphis.

"I try to make it every year if I can," he told WREG.

After a violent Labor Day weekend in the Bluff City, Reverend Brantley said being immersed in his faith is healing.

"Violence destroys a country. It destroys a neighborhood," he said. "It destroys the people, and we don't need that. We need to see ourselves as people and try to do good to one another."

Shootings, murder, child abuse.

It seems almost every day there's a new horror story unfolding in Memphis.

To cut through all that yellow tape, Dr. Frank Ray, a Board member with the National Baptist Convention, said we have to cut through barriers.

The convention even hosted a Criminal Justice meeting on Tuesday.

"We're doing things to impact the prisons across the nation, to be able to reach our inmates and keep them from coming back into the prisons again," Ray said.

While many say we need more after school programs, a better re-entry system or Blue Crush, Ray said to crush the crime Memphis needs prayer.

And that's exactly what he and tens of thousands will be doing this week.

"We don't have enough alarm systems. We don't have enough watch dogs. We don't have enough guns to stop people from doing what they need to do or want to do if there's no Christ in their life," he said.