Top cops, citizens offer law enforcement support

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Law enforcement officers were on edge after the shooting deaths of two dozen officers across the country this year including Sean Bolton right here in Memphis.

Top cops told officers to rely on their instinct and training and call for backup when they feel unsafe.

Meanwhile, thousands of people across the country, including people in the Mid-South, did everything they could to let law enforcement know they were supporting them too.

"It is just the thing to do in America. You know, we should take care of each other," said Stan Sutton, who has gone out of his way to show officers he cares.

He bought lunch for a couple of cops this week.

"It seems like everybody's after cops right now. They are doing their job just like anybody else. I don't want to get shot just because I was doing my job," said Sutton.

"Everybody is apprehensive no matter whether this happens or not," said Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham.

He said his deputies were unnerved after he said someone made a serious threat against law enforcement working at 201 Poplar this week.

Investigators traced the call to a spot outside of Memphis, but haven't found out who actually made the threat.

"We are asking our people to be diligent. We need them to cover the other person's back, and we are asking them to do what they need to do to return home every night," said Oldham.

Top cops weren't the only ones offering support.

Forty thousand people across the country got together on Facebook too.

They posted pictures of themselves wearing blue and hanging blue ribbons on their cars and in their yards.

Some were taken right here in the Mid-South.

Sutton said it's nice to see so many backing the blue.

"They protect us. They make a big to do about everyone else, but cops protect us," said Sutton.

Next Thursday at 7p.m. at Calvary Church, there will be a prayer vigil for police and deputies.

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