Alcy and LaRose Elementary schools cleared of cheating on TCAP

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As the kids say, cheaters never prosper, but cheating wasn't the reason why students at Alcy and LaRose Elementary schools scored high on their TCAP tests.

The state began investigating Shelby County Schools and two other districts in Tennessee, because some students changed wrong answers to right ones.

Today, they announced SCS has been cleared.

School Board member Stephanie Love said it just confirmed what she already knew.

"We knew what our children were capable of," she told WREG. "Others doubted our children."

SCS did their own audit earlier this month.

On Thursday they released a statement saying they were confident the state would clear them and they're glad the integrity of their testing remained intact.

Love wanted to see the state more invested.

"Start working with us instead of doing things on your own," she said. "Invest in what we know is working. Shelby County Schools has proven that we know how to educate children."

John Stokes, who lived right across from Alcy Elementary, said while he appreciates the transparency, he was frustrated the high scores were questioned rather than celebrated.

"It's sad that we kind of looked at it as maybe another instance of what had already happened, but since it's not, we don't need to let this be a long term thing," he said.

Parents and neighbors near these elementary schools said they were glad to have this done and over with before a new school year gets underway.

But School Board member Love said there was still plenty of work to be done.

"We would also appreciate if the state became 100% transparent dealing with the TCAP. Begin to show the teachers the TCAP results and the test so our teachers can actually know what the students need work on," she said.

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