Mississippi National Guard centers reopen with security upgrades

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- "As you come over the hill either way, you can see this thing sitting here," Lt. Col. Ron Michael, with the Mississippi National Guard, said.

The National Guard said a tank, sitting in front of it's Southaven location, was there to get your attention.

"It's kind of to let people know hey we're still here, we're back open, and come see us," Lt. Col. Michael explained.

Mississippi National Guard recruiting centers wanted Guardsmen to return back to work in a big way after a week of upping security measures.

"Obviously everyone knows that our recruiters are armed so -- and past that it's just internal things that we've done to try and protect our soldiers," Lt. Col. Michael said.

This all came after several military professional were killed two weeks ago when a man opened fire at a recruiting center and naval reserve in Chattanooga.

Some citizens began standing guard at recruiting centers with guns after the shootings.

Officials in Jackson said armed citizens standing guard is too dangerous.

Those armed citizens participating were urged to stop or be reported to local law enforcement.