New Midtown art studio The Art Project lets kids get creative and messy

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The newest hot spot in Overton Square isn’t a bar or restaurant — it’s the city’s newest kids’ zone, The Art Project.

The studio provides paint, glitter, glue, markers and all the other fun things needed to create art that parents hate to clean up.

Co-founder Anna Vergos has a daughter who likes doing creative projects.

"I love her doing it, but I didn't like it at my house. It made a huge mess,” she said.

If children can imagine it, they can create it at The Art Project. It’s open seven days a week with a range of hours.

“We're trying to cater both toward parents that are able to stay at home and working parents who may want to come a little bit later,” Vergos said.

The little artists at the studio gave The Art Project two thumbs up.

“Some of these things you can't do at home, and so it's a lot of fun to have stuff you can't do and do projects like sandpaper art over there,” Wills Frazer said.

Elijah Blair likes to "do stuff that's fun and make new friends."

The studio is not only cool for kids, but it's also a neat way for moms to connect.

“We'll have WiFi and coffee and snacks,” Vergos said. “Hopefully they can sit down and relax while their kids are able to do art, or they can do it with them."

The children have the freedom to do what they like; they don’t have to follow a program or pattern. The Art Project is about them exploring and creating art that speaks to them.

"It's been really fun to see what kids have created,” co-founder Katherine Riederer said. “We had a kid come in yesterday and just went to our recycled materials section and made a robot out of cardboard and toilet paper tubes and bottle caps.”

Families can purchase a yearly pass or pay per visit. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to let your children explore their artistic side, The Art Project is a great place to get started.

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