It’s Watercooler Wednesday!

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Mike and Mandy from WRVR 104.5 The River and our own Markova Reed joined us this week for Watercooler Wednesday!

Topic #1

South Carolina lawmakers began the legislative process of removing a confederate flag from the statehouse grounds, after last week's massacre at a historic black church in Charleston.

Many said it's a symbol of racial oppression; others said the flag's not the problem.

Topic #2

This month's 60 Minutes - Vanity Fair Poll was about corruption.

People were asked if certain activities were acceptable or unacceptable.

We're going to ask you for yours.

  • Tipping a host or usher to get a better table or seats
  • Acceptable: 47% Unacceptable: 49%
  • Paying someone to stand in line for you
  • Acceptable: 39% Unacceptable: 59%
  • Giving candy to a child to make that child shut up
  • Acceptable: 34% Unacceptable: 64%
  • Using a paid sick day for recreational use
  • Acceptable: 30% Unacceptable: 67%
  • Forging a spouse's signature on documents in his or her absence
  • Acceptable: 16% Unacceptable: 82%
  • Writing a letter of recommendation for someone you don't know very well.
  • Acceptable: 14% Unacceptable: 83%

Topic #3

A new book "Attractive Unattractive Americans" examined how other countries view the United States.

Some popular opinions suggested Americans are stressed out, shallow and inconsiderate to other cultures and countries.

How would you describe Americans?