It’s Watercooler Wednesday!

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It's Watercooler Wednesday!

Here today are Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max, Steve Conley from 99.3 Guess FM our very own Todd Demers.

The government is trying to help privacy advocates and industries meet in the middle over facial recognition technology.

Stores want to be able to scan your face digitally to identify you, and then offer you discounts or specials tailored to your needs and wants.

It could also help identify shoplifters. How do you feel about this kind of technology?

More than 40,000 people in the U.K. have signed a petition to ban baby ear-piercing.

They say it's a form of child cruelty, and that it only serves to satisfy the parent's vanity.

Others say that idea is ridiculous and it's not dangerous at all. What do you say?

This image is making the rounds on the internet.

The text reads "How I dressed when I was 14, versus how 14-year-old girls dress now".

One side shows a girl in a t-shirt and baggy pants.

The other has girls in tight pants and revealing clothes. Do you notice a difference in today's teens?

Lawyers are seeing an uptick in pet prenups.

It's called a pup nup.

Divorce attorneys say custody disagreements over much-loved family pets are on the rise.

Can you see how this might be necessary?