Shots fired into woman’s home, she says alleged gang problem next door is to blame

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis woman said gunshots pierced her bedroom window Tuesday morning.

She told WREG she rented half of the duplex and said she thinks her neighbors' alleged gang involvement is to blame.

"I'm at the point right now that I'm just scared for me and my children's life here," said renter Tasha Tate.

Tate lived at the intersection of Weymouth and Grey with five of her children.

Her boyfriend was there Tuesday morning too.

She said on the other side of the home she has witnessed drug deals and people throwing up gang signs.

However, after Tuesday morning's gunfire, she was simply out of patience.

"Right above our head. If I hadn't moved my bed two days ago, me or my boyfriend would've been shot," Tate said.

Tate believed whoever shot into her home was involved in some type of gang retaliation and targeted her by mistake.

"They don't know that it's a duplex," Tate said.

She said on the other side of the home there's essentially a revolving door of people coming and going.

WREG crews were there Tuesday when Tate's landlord, Alan Drobeck, came by to talk to the neighbors.

Drobeck said his tenant didn't live there anymore.

Instead, he believed the tenant's relative stayed here.

"I told him he had until the first to get out. At that point, we're going to board it up, and let gangs or whoever know that they're not there anymore," Drobeck said.

Drobeck said he put a call in to the District Attorney General's office.

A D.A. spokesperson confirmed no nuisance petitions had been filed yet.

Tate told us she had only been living here about two months.

Memphis Police told WREG officers had responded to at least four other calls at this intersection in 2015.

In April, officers responded to a theft from a motor vehicle call.

Also in April, officers responded to a report that shots were fired at the home.

At that time, officers also found drugs inside the house.

In January, police responded to calls of shots being fired into the home.

The same day as the other January call, an officer responded to a report that shots were fired into a car near there.

"It's just ongoing. It's not going to stop," Tate said.

WREG knocked on the door of the unit next to Tate's, but no one answered.