Hardeman County family starting over after house fire

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BOLIVAR, Tenn. -- There has been an outpouring of support for a father who rescued his daughter and son from their burning home in Hardeman County.

Tim Clark was a volunteer firefighter who used his skills to save his family his daughter Lilly and his son Landon.

The family lost everything in the fire including their SUV.

Clark told WREG even total strangers have stepped up to help the family get back on their feet, but it would be a long time before things got  back to normal.

"Daddy, that's all of our stuff, that's everything we have. What are we going to eat, where are we going to stay?"

Tim Clark has been trying to answer those heartbreaking questions from his children since the fire burned down their home on Old Highway 64 on May 7.

Flames threatened to trap all three, but Clark used his firefighter training and his determination as a parent to save his sleeping children.

"All the flames were to the right. So we took off for the front door and luckily made it out," he said.

The only injury: a slight burn on Landon's head.

In the aftermath, Clark managed to salvage a few soot covered pictures.

"Lilly and Landon. This is their graduation pictures from when they graduated kindergarten," Clark showed us.

But any reminders of "happier times" are charred and not worth holding on to.

Clark pulled showed us a small Teddy Bear that was his daughter's favorite toy.

"This was laying right next to where she was laying. I imagine if it burned her bear like this, it would have gotten her," he said.

The Red Cross put Tim and his children up at a local motel for a few days, but now the Clark's were staying with his grandparents.

Ken Schlueter has given his grandson more than just the shirt off his back.

"Right now my grandson does not own a pair of shoes. He's borrowing mine," he said.

Members of the community have donated clothing and toys through a local church and even a total stranger from Memphis contacted Tim after seeing Clark's story on News Channel Three.

"Something told her to watch the news that night, at that time, and she seen our story. And she told me that she had all the furniture and everything that our house would possibly need once we get a place to live," said Clark.

You can make monetary donations, in the name of Tim Clark, to Merchants and Planters Bank in Bolivar, Tennessee.

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