Shots fired on Beale street after brief fight

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Beale street resident accidentally hit his cellphone's record button the moment shots rang out.

“I heard two gunshots and took off running,” he said.

It was just before 2:30 in the morning when security at one of the clubs wouldn't let a man in because he didn't have ID.

Instead he wanted to use some type of jail ID card.

“Somebody got put out of the club he was angry and wanted to fight,” he said.

Police told WREG they got here a minute after they were called about the gunshots, but by that time everyone was gone.

No one shot.

No one fighting.

Police cameras nearby showed the whole incident lasting less than a minute.

“What you have is alcohol and young people and you're going to have problems,” said street vendor Ernest Lawson.

Lawson said he sees it all the time.

Officers were out in full force Friday night to make sure there were no repeats of violence and tourist told WREG they felt very safe.

“It seemed fine. I noticed a bit of presence here but everybody seems to be having a good time,” said Louise Bruno of Long Island.

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