It’s Watercooler Wednesday!

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It was Watercooler Wednesday on Live at 9, and joining us this week was Bev Johnson from WDIA AM 1070, CJ Lusk with 107.5 the Q and our own Todd Demers.

The latest 60 Minutes Vanity Fair Poll asked people to describe the American dream today and who best embodied it.

Most said it's "giving their kids a better life" and that Steve Jobs is the best example of the American dream coming true.

A new survey of American men showed what some call a disturbing difference between what guys wanted in their wives versus their daughters.

The majority said they appreciate an attractive and sweet woman but those things mattered less in daughters, who they want to be strong and intelligent.

Sandra Bullock told People Magazine she wished she could tell her younger self to worry less!

What would your advice to your younger self be, in one line?

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