Bass Pro is here, now what?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Now that Bass Pro has opened, some people wondered what's next?

The retail giant promised to bring hundreds of jobs, millions of tourists and boost overall tourism for Memphis in billions of dollars.

WREG learned Thursday the city planned on building a pedestrian bridge that connected the Pyramid to the Pinch District.

Who would be responsible for building the bridge has been a question for awhile.

"That's part of the city's deal and plan and they control that," said Bass Pros' General Manager David Hagel when asked about the pedestrian bridge.

He said whenever the city decides to build the bridge, he would be on board.

When initial plans for the Pyramid were drawn up, the bridge was going to be located where hotel rooms now sit so now things need to be reconfigured.

"It would help us all out, yes," said Linda Thomas who owned a boutique in the district.

She said in the 24 hours since Bass Pro at the Pyramid opened,  she already has seen changes in the area.

More people have been walking through the neighborhood.

Paul Morris, President of the Design and Review Board and Downtown Memphis Commission, said he's looking forward to the bridge because it's a big part of the redevelopment of the Pinch District.

"It's great when you have a bunch of people saying how are we going to redevelop this place, not if we're going to redevelop this place. The pinch is going to be redeveloped one way or the other," said Morris.

That was news Thomas has been waiting to hear.

"I know it would help, and I feel like they will do it," she said.

No word on how much the bridge is supposed to cost.

The city said they planned to get input from the community about how it would be built and the redevelopment of the Pinch District.

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