Racial and religious slurs written on Tipton County road

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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. -- Neighbors were outraged over racial and religious slurs staining a Tipton County road.

Deputies wanted to find the vandals who wrote graphic words targeting African-Americans, Christians and Jews.

The bigotry on display was discovered on Ray Bluff Road near Black Springs between Monday and Tuesday morning.

The least offensive message was written in pink and read "white power" across a lane.

The rest of it, WREG chose to blur, because it was too vulgar.

The vandals used curse words, the "n" word, and even drew a swastika under it all.

Quentin Booker, who worked in the area, was truly speechless.

"People are crazy these days. They need to get a life," he said.

The graffiti was written in chalk, so some neighbors think the vandals were kids.

"It's not really surprising especially being in high school. I mean you hear it all the time," said Michael Moore.

Deputies said they were on the hunt for whoever did it, combing through evidence and talking to neighbors.

They planned to wash away the graffiti Tuesday night.

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