‘Cowards’ Family says 7-year-old was killed in retaliation shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tenisha Brandon said her family was innocently thrown in the middle of a string of retaliation shootings.

“Our family, we had nothing to do with that,” said Brandon.

Wednesday night, police arrested Carlos Stokes for planning the shooting that killed 7-year old Kirsten Williams.

Stokes was reportedly angry after his 15-year old sister, Cateria, was shot and killed in her sleep earlier that day in a drive-by shooting. A 61-year-old man was also shot.

Kirsten’s family said Carlos Stokes wanted revenge, but the little girl he planned to kill, was inside as he drove by with a gun.

They believe he thought Kirsten was that little girl.

“To hear you would take a gun to a child, never heard of such a thing, you’re cowards,” said Debbie Davis, Kirsten’s Aunt.

Police have not said the two cases are related.

There was a third shooting, the one that possibly started all this, where a 22-year-old was shot.

This family said they didn’t know any of those people and just got caught in the middle.

They said just before she was killed she wanted to give away her favorite pair of shoes.

They said Kirsten knew it was coming.

“We still see her tennis shoes, and saying to her grandmother ‘Give these to Mya,’” said Davis.

They said God must have prepared the little girl.

It was one of the only things that gave them comfort.

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