Parents and students say White Station is a good school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A day after the vicious fight at White Station High School, parents and students came to the school's defense.

Parents and students we talked to said White Station is a good school and Wednesday's fight was just out of the ordinary.

“The most fights all year in one day within five minutes of each other,” said two students.

School Board member Stephanie Love agreed.

"A lot of people look at it as the school, White Station High School.  I look at it as something that happens in all schools. This is not an isolated event. White Station is what we call a good school but we have a lot of good schools where this type of behavior happens," she said.

The discussion on safety stemmed from a recent fight in the school cafeteria between several students.

That fight was caught on camera and it quickly went viral.

Students told WREG a man did something obscene outside one girl's home.

Everyone started talking about it online and threats of a fight began to brew on social media

But on Wednesday, it wasn't just one but several fights in the cafeteria and in classrooms.

In one video a group of girls went at it and it appeared staff members walked out the room.

After all was said and done, eight students were suspended and given juvenile summons.