Henri Brooks to serve 2 years suspended sentence

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Henri Brooks is not going to jail, but will serve two years of probation and two year suspended sentence.

Judge Skahan said she has to undergo a mental health assessment, do 80 hours of community service and pay a fine.

The judge kept saying, there is obviously something wrong.

Seven witnesses, including Commissioner Walter Bailey and Judge Joe Brown, spoke about Henri Brooks' past accomplishments, commitment to public service, and her love for her family.

Brooks explained she had to take care of her injured daughter and grand children.

That's why she moved to Cordova and away from her district.

The prosecution painted a more calculated picture.

The judge kept saying Brooks' behavior is not okay for an elected official.

She said she used this false address several times over the course of four years, but is only charged with using it once on the election documents.

The prosecution even read a statement from the man who's address Brooks used on the election papers.

He said, "While she was using my address I knew she had an apartment somewhere else but I didn't know where it was."

Brooks pleaded to the judge, "I really struggle tremendously with the idea that I am a criminal for serving my families needs."

Brooks said she plans to appeal the charges.

The judge brought up the fight Brooks was involved in over a parking spot last summer, and her statements about the Hispanic community last year as well, but those incidents were not included in the felony charges.