Memphis: On A Mission – Breaking the Cycle

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is a city on a mission for greatness.

It’s a city on the edge, a city divided.

But it’s ours, and this is our chance for a better tomorrow.

It’s time to heal old wounds, and create new stories of success, by educating our children and by making sure there are enough jobs and everyone feels safe in their own home.

We brought you a one hour, commercial free look at the issues in our community and the faces of those affected.

Some people inherited the conditions in which they live, others made bad choices in life.

Solutions are needed and many of you are working to make them happen.

Click here to watch our previous look at the past, present and future, plus the roundtable discussion about what needs to be done.

The face of poverty

Poverty hits families hard

Education is a way out of poverty

Jobs, job training & better paying jobs to break the cycle of poverty in Memphis

Groups are working to end poverty



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