Children see murdered man on the way to school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis police are investigating a deadly shooting Thursday morning at an apartment complex in Frayser.

A man was found shot to death inside a car in the parking lot of the Todd Creek Apartments on Felt Station.

We are told children on their way to school saw the victim and told their teachers about it when they got to class.

Family members tell us the victim is 33-year-old Sherrod Smith.

They say the father of two was shot  while working at his recording studio inside his second floor apartment.

"They shot him in his chest.  He's in the car right there and they wont let me see my baby," said Eleanor Smith.

Sherrod Smith's mother says a friend tried to drive him to the hospital, but  he died before they could get out of the parking lot.

She says it's a nightmare she wants to wake up from.

"He was a real friendly person. He was recording up there.  They said the recording was still on," said Smith.

Stephanie Love, a Shelby County Schools board member and vice-president of the Frayser Neighborhood Council also showed up looking for answers.

Love brought along members of Lifeline to Success.

The group wanted to let people know they weren't alone and that they are fighting to save the neighborhood.

"We feel it is our civic duty to make sure our neighborhood is safe and those thing that have become normal become abnormal," said DeAndre Brown.

Police have not released any suspect information.

We are told they took several people in for questioning.