Long-term unemployment

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We all know dealing with unemployment especially when it's long-term can be a challenging task.

According to a recent study, not only does long-term unemployment affect people financially, it can also cause changes to a person's core personality.

Career Coach Angela Copeland joined us on Live at 9 to discuss the findings in this study.

  • The issue: Unemployment changes your core personality, according to study
  • "The results challenge the idea that our personalities are 'fixed' and show that the effects of external factors such as unemployment can have large impacts on our basic personality." Lead researcher Dr. Christopher Boyce, from the University of Stirling's Behavioural Science Centre
  • My experience: Clients I work with who’ve been laid off (even when it’s not their fault) tend to emotionally have the toughest time. They struggle with the search, sometimes cry when they talk about their previous job, etc. They feel embarrassed, ashamed, disconnected, hopeless, angry.
  • Tips for staying positive and energized
  • Try to remember, you’re not alone – it’s normal to have negative feels after you lose a job
  • Reach out for help ASAP – to a coach, family members, or community resources (university, career transition groups, church…). Stay connected socially – try not to withdraw.
  • Do not delay your search; start immediately – many people decide to take a little time off, and it can be very negative to their search process. Finding a job can often take longer than you expect.
  • Practice explaining why you’re in the job market (many people begin to cry or have a sour face when they think about what happened – and it can negatively impact interviews)
  • Try to stay in a routine in terms of sleep, eating, exercise, etc. Focus your energy on a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, reducing drinking, and reducing stress.
  • Try to minimize your expenses right away, in order to maintain financial independence.
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