Few power outages reported in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- When sleet and ice come our way, it usually means widespread power outages, but not Monday.

Only a handful of outages were reported, and crews fixed most quickly.

The crews told WREG they felt fortunate compared to 1994, when most of the city was plunged into darkness for days.

Workers did respond to a downed tree on Dunavant. They said the tree was old and took out a power line when ice weighed it down. Only two homes were affected - the others in the area were vacant.

While there was some ice on the power lines today, crews said it wasn't bad.

They were able to repair most of the lines within a couple of hours.

They told WREG most outages come from falling tree limbs when trees are iced over.

However, the wind could also cause issues if it gets strong enough.

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