Some Tennessee schools banned Valentine’s Day gifts

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Flowers, balloons, chocolate, and candy are all things children expect to see on Valentine's Day.

However, some schools in Tennessee have banned students from bringing gifts to the school or having them delivered.

The Wilson County School District in Middle Tennessee claimed Valentine's Day gifts are a big distraction.

Young parents in Shelby County said they did not like the idea.

"It's ridiculous," Jamie Bonds said. "That ain't the only distraction. Other distractions occur too. Valentine's Day shouldn't be a distraction."

Some of the schools in Wilson County also said glass vases and balloons can be potentially dangerous on the school bus.

A Shelby County Schools spokesperson said the district does not have a policy on Valentine's Day gifts.

The decisions on gift exchanges are usually left up to the individual schools.

The SCS spokesperson said gift giving is permitted as long as it does not distract from work inside of the classroom.