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Charges added for woman accused of killing two boys

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As the memorial for two kids killed in a crash on Saturday continued to grow, so did the charges against the woman who police say committed the crime.

WREG showed up to Sparkel Hastings' house with cameras.

Police said Hastings hit and killed two young boys with her vehicle.

A family friend who was inside of the home told WREG Hastings' family was inside.

"They say they ain't got no comment, so they don't want to come out," the unidentified man said.

As of Wednesday, Hastings faces two vehicular homicide charges after Joshua McDowell died Saturday and Darryl Howard died Monday in the hospital.

Police said Hastings was driving erratic and without a license.

"I was not shocked at all. I was not shocked at all," Zenova Dickerson said. "Because of the way she drives."

Neighbors said Hastings drives reckless in her Frayser neighborhood.

"We be like (expletive) because you know...because of the way she drives," Dickerson said.

Neighbors are praying for the victims.

"My heart goes out to those babies and their families," Dickerson said.

Dickerson said she wanted Hastings to pay for the crime if found guilty.

"She don't need to be out here. That's how I feel. Those babies are not out here. She don't need to be out here. They need to truly set an example," Dickerson said.

Darryl Howard's mother said Hastings' sister, who was also in the car at the time of the crash, needed to be charged, too.

"I want something done to both women if you ask me because both of them played a part in it, Barbara Howard said.

Hastings is expected back in court on Monday.

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