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Father speaks out after daughter set on fire and killed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COURTLAND, Miss. -- A family his planning their second child's funeral after a woman was killed.

Panola County deputies believe Jessica Chambers was set on fire and are investigating her death as a homicide.

"It's hard for me to talk," Ben Chambers said. "It's hard to breathe. You don't even think about--."

Most people do not think about losing a child the way Ben Chambers lost his.

"When the fire department got there they say she was on fire out in the road," Chambers recalled.

Jessica, who was 19-years-old, was burned.

"You couldn't recognize her because she was unrecognizable," Chambers described what he was told by doctors. "The doctor told us it wasn't nothing we can do you know she was burned 98% of her body."

Jessica died after being airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

"They said that as far as they could tell like they squirted fluid down her throat and up her nose because it just burned her on the inside so bad," Chambers said.

The Panola County Sheriff told WREG a driver dialed 911 after passing Jessica on a rural road near Highway 51 on Saturday night around 8:00 p.m.

Authorities revealed the victim was found next to the burning car.

The car was taken to the Panola County Jail in Batesville and is covered in a blue tarp.

"She had a big gash in her head like they knocked her out," Chambers said.

Deputies were in the process of questioning people on Sunday.

The sheriff said deputies are on the lookout for two men they believe Jessica may have been with on Saturday night.

Chambers, who works as a mechanic for the Panola County Sheriff's Office, is looking for answers and calling for action against his daughter's killer.

"I want to see justice man," Chambers said. Justice you know?"

Chambers is also looking for a way to make it through the holidays without his little girl.

"I'll never have it back you know because of some evil person," Chambers explained.

Chambers lost his son in a horrific car accident a couple of years ago.


  • sharon

    It doesn’t matter what color the men where. Are you people sick or what? This man’s daughter was burned alive and you want to know what color the men are? My prayers go out to Ben and his family and for you idiots who do not care about the loss only about turning this into a race issue! Disgusting!

    • Karlene

      I don’t think it’s about their color! I think it’s about wanting to know what to look for!! ANYBODY in their right mind would want these monsters off the streets!!!! For Pete’s sake FOCUS!!!! And LORD please let them release a description so the public can be on the look out!!!!!

      • Ann Inquirer

        No one wants to believe in the destabilization of the country, but that is what the race baiters and Obama with his CAIR Cabal in the oval office have been able to do. We have been warned by Farrahkan, thugs and Black Panthers that “no whites are safe, even in their homes.” Fire is one “legitimate” way of killing infidels as directed by sharia, and jihadists do follow thru on their threats. We do not know for sure what happened, but we must keep these suspicions until proven otherwise. Even then the media may not want to tell us. They rarely report black on white crime and they also tell us jihadists who do these things in the US are not acting on Koranic verses when they are.

      • nobaddog

        If they will not release the color of these criminals you can bet there black. Yes black just like the 90% of all crimes committed in the USA are by black criminals. If that doesn’t ring a bell in your brain theres something wrong with you. Just think, No blacks and crime will be reduced by 90%. Thats unheard of for any race except the criminal black race. The most vile and uneducable race on earth. For 75 years whites have been tring to educate these people and after all the time ,expense and suffering of the victims of these savages they have actually gotten dumber. Go figure.

    • beth embrey

      Where in the world did you come up withnanything about race?? Goodness that is beyond stretching someone’s question about a description! DETAILS are what he was asking about, height, build, hair color, SMH at some people.

      • RR

        I think race came into play because someone did make a comment about them being black. But it has been removed. No matter what color she is, this is a horrible horrible incident. I couldn’t imagine someone calling me telling my 19yr daughter did this. Jail will not be suitable for whoever did this. My prayers go out to all her family and friends.

      • Ann Inquirer

        How can color be stretching a description? The main stream media has done a good job by keeping Americans in the dark as to what is going on across the nation. No one wants to believe in the destabilization of the country, but that is what the race baiters and Obama with his CAIR Cabal in the oval office have been able to do. We have been warned by Farrahkan, thugs and Black Panthers that “no whites are safe, even in their homes.” Fire is one “legitimate” way of killing infidels as directed by sharia, and jihadists do follow thru on their threats. We do not know for sure what happened yet, but we must keep these suspicions until proven otherwise. Even then the media may not want to tell us. They rarely report black on white crime and they also tell us jihadists who do these things in the US are not acting on Koranic verses when they are.

      • Francesco Zerilli

        The prime suspect is her ex-boyfriend who she had been in an abusive relationship with until she had attempted to break it off……..As a side note, he was black. Funny how we knew the entire background of the LEO who shot the kid in Ferguson, MO, within days but the local media here can’t even tell us the ethnic background of this suspect. Maybe they’re trying to prevent a white privilege backlash with the resultant protests and looting that occurred in Ferguson…..

    • Wake up people!

      It only matters when it’s white on black crime though right? then it’s national news and the whole world falls apart! That’s when it definitely is racist no matter what even when it’s not but even when someone said they did something to someone because they are white it’s not a hate crime even when it is! fair? I think not! you have the wool over your eyes just like this girl did and look what it got her.They will never care about it or accept whites EVER they are beating whites who are protesting right along with them! they just want to blame whitey for everything even things that happened thousands of years ago that not all white families did and nobody today is even alive to have anything to do with it! but nobody is allowed to blame blacks for anything oh no that’s racist! there was a white female cop who punched a 15 year old mental girl in the head while she was laying down on the sidewalk her mom needed help with her and called the cops this week but because she’s not black it’s hush hush everybody is buying into this blacks are the victims not whites all the time and I am sick to death of it! what about the white guy just sitting in his car beaten to death by blacks with hammers in front of his fiancee they did this because he is white and all this hatred of whites the media stirs up but they don’t want to do that with blacks that is why you really have to look into the race of perpetrators in these crimes the media doesn’t want to mention it why is that? wake up!!! this is just another person in a very long list of whites being set on fire by blacks lately look it up.

  • Maurice Gibb

    Something tells me that they will be caught. This crime reeks of “spur of the moment,” and those crimes nearly ALWAYS have plenty of evidence. I hope they catch them AND FRY THEM quickly.

  • Tina Robertson

    In heard this early this morning and I just can’t a imagine what her poor parents are going through. How can someone so evil walk this earth. I cried for that poor young girl. There is no words in this word to express how sorry I am that this happen. I hope her parents get the justice their daughter deserves. May she rest in peace I pray Amen.

    • Amanda Prince

      Thank you for saying parents… The media portrays her like she didn’t have a mother & she did… Thank you

  • Blue Eyed Baby

    This is so sad and i cannot wrap my head around it. My thoughts and prayers to her father and family. I hope they catch the peeps soon and give them what they deserve. No one should have to deal with something like this to anyone.

  • TJ

    I am so sorry to hear about such suffering for this family…losing one child is too many, but two…I can’t even begin to imagine their pain. God’s comfort to the family and friends.

  • Dianna Darlene Chambers

    Jessica was a beautiful woman. I am so sorry to her and her parents that the action of some ignorant person took it upon themselves to play God. She was 19. I am only 17. I keep thinking, “What if that was me?” What are the police doing? I know it takes time and alot of patients to get this horrible murderer. I will keep your family in my heart and prayers. My God bless you.

  • Curits

    This is horribly sad. As we can see, there are people calling for more strict gun laws, but evil comes in many forms these days. Bad guys are going to be bad no matter what they have in their hands. I pray for peace for this young girl’s family. For all of us that we can have safety from this evil.

  • lynn marie

    I’m sure everyone wants a description . As in how tall, hair colour. Tattoos. Anything that will help catch these guys. Where did this happen. All they say is rural road near 51. I hope some of her friends can tell cops who they may be.

  • Not sure

    Eye for an Eye, tooth for tooth, get the gas and let these animals burn, but first you take a axe handle to them and then it is BBQ time. you got to tenderise the meat first.

  • Traci moneymaker

    I am praying for the Chambers Family. I love Allen as my own and am so sorry for the loss of Jessica. I pray justice will be served and I pray that God will send comforting angels to Ben and family. This is just horrific.. Love from Traci

  • I M Huge in Cordova

    I sure hope when they catch these savages the girl’s father gets to spend some quality time with them before they get to the jail.
    The savagery of this makes me think of the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom gruesome murders in Knoxville.

  • tamirobison

    No, we don’t know the circumstances. NOTHING she could have done to deserve what happened to her. Whoever did this is a sick, cruel, disgusting person! Hear they have one person in custody.

  • Rose Ingram

    In some cases color does matter and I’m not a racist. Should we be on the lookout for 2 white men, black men or one of each?? And if anyone knows which two men she was with, then maybe someone has a description or a photo that can be shown?? All I do know is no matter the color, they cannot be classified as men but savages. Only a savage could do this to someone

    • Pamela

      I am black and it doesn’t matter what race they were whoever did this. …I wouldn’t care if it was a relative of mine…they deserve the maximum penalty!!!! I strongly agree with everything you stated and I respect your warm and caring response. I am not offended by any of the negative comments….but I must say that all blacks are not animals.I look at this horrible ordeal and it brings me to tears. JUSTICE FOR THE CHAMBERS FAMILY!!!

      • SouthernLady25

        I agree with just about everything you say except that I feel like a description will be needed to catch these evil people. And to be clear, we really don’t know who did this. I don’t really think anyone with a heart or brain assumes any one group is bad.
        I pray that they find these people before they do it again. Something this grotesque is not likely to be first or last. Seems too much went into it, IMO.

  • jimmy

    When they are cought the justice department should torture them, I hope that who ever did this suffers hell on earth.

    • SouthernLady25

      Not unless it fits into the agenda. I’m saddened that the justice department cherry picks cases the way they do. Young children, black and white, are dying all over this country and they ignore them unless they fit the narrative. Please don’t rise to it. We are all brothers and sisters of God.

  • Curvyone

    This has truly made me sick at my stomach! I’ve always heard that was the worst death.Please Jesus, don’t let it take too long before they are caught.It has really angered me as a human being to even think about her suffering.And I am a black female I love all people.

    • Kelsie

      I’m white and I LOVE ALL no matter the skin color! Praying they get the scum that did this…my heart breaks for her family!!😓❤️

  • J2theD

    Im not trying to be rude but the last sentence in the article makes me curious.. Can anyone tell me about his sons death? Two arguably horrific deaths in the same family makes me wonder things..

  • Tammy Perrin

    I am so very sorry for your loss. From experience I know this doesn’t help much, but I will be praying that her murderers are found and prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law. I am just so sorry for your loss…

  • juggernut

    This is horrible. Those monsters that did that to her should be brought to the town square and set on fire. They must be sentenced to death. What kind of evil monsters do such a thing?! That poor family.

  • Love

    This is what the world has come to. Especially in the south. Always about race!! A 19yr Woman has died horrendously. Yet instead of praying for her family or praying the evil people who did this comes to justice, people want to talk about race. Who cares!?! I’ll pray for you racist, bigoted, ignorant, heartless people. May this young lady rest in paradise and may her family find the strength to overcome yet another loss.

    • Love

      all we know this could’ve been bullies, someone she thought was her friend/lover, relatives or strangers. We won’t know until they let us know.

  • SouthernLady25

    I think the race of the suspects should be released. People need to have an idea what to look for, do they not? I mean, would anyone on here have a problem with a suspect being named as blonde? No, even though that can be changed.
    Plus, with all the racial issues lately reverse racism/hate crime should not be dismissed unless evidence proves otherwise. Especially since her dad worked at the police department. We have been hearing policemen and their families will be targeted.

  • justme

    You rednecks are so ignorant. Don’t know any facts but so quick to judge the race I can get on here and talk bad about whites it’s not like you people don’t do dirt. And one thing for sure u can’t get to heaven hating other people. You will have to answer to GOD

  • vicki white

    Why dose the person that took this young woman life have to be black that individual could have been asian,hispanic,Latino , Japanese not necessarily every black person commit crimes whites dose criminal activity to who went in the schools in columbine ,sandy hooks , Jonesboro Arkansas and killed up a bunch of kids my point is don’t those same people that committed dose crimes acts of violence be considered thugs also Anna shut your stupid racist mouth up all of these ignorant comments why don’t we focus on this horrible evil person or people who did this to her and stop being so judgemental it doesn’t matter what color the person is they need to be brought to justice let this family grieve instead of making it a white and black issue my god people have some sympathy for this young ladies family may her soul rest in peace and my heartfelt condolences Gose to the chambers family

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