Christian school offers $2,000 reward for burglar

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Christ Trinity Christian Academy has 4 campuses an since August they've had three break-ins and the alarm at the Southwind location has been triggered twice.

The staff at the academy wants to know who is targeting their school buildings.

"They smashed windows; they stole the camera equipment everything from the receipt book. Just the normal things that people wouldn't steal if they were going to break into a business," said Stephane Cole, Christ Trinity Academy.

Trouble started after an employee was suspended, but police haven't been able to connect the crimes to anyone.

That's leaving the staff and those who send their children there on edge.

"I would appreciate them finding them because it's so unsafe for the children," said Gloria Oliver, grandparent.

The latest break-in was around the Thanksgiving holiday when Christ Trinity's Tchulahoma Road campus was hit.

Cameras were rolling as the burglar came in this time.

They believe the alarm scared him off.

"The main concern is the safety. The safety of the students, the staff and just being able to provide an environment where everybody feels safe coming to work and people feel safe leaving their children," said Cole.

This week the academy sent a $2,000 check for a reward to CrimeStoppers.

Cole said, "When you go against a Christian school, you're not just messing with us, you're messing with God. So, we've been praying for this person because we want them to understand whatever anger, frustration they have, this is not the way to handle it."

The academy is hoping the $2,000 reward will encourage someone who knows something about the break-ins to call the police.

They want the teacher and students to stay focused on learning and not worry about their safety.