Unloaded gun found on Memphis School of Excellence student

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis School of Excellence student was found with an unloaded gun Wednesday.

The principal sent a letter home to parents about the incident, assuring them “no students or faculty were ever in danger.”

Police confiscated the gun, and the campus locked down until the 15-year-old student who brought the gun had left campus.

The student told police the gun belongs to his mother.

He also waived his rights and claimed he wasn’t aware the gun was in his backpack. However, staff members told police the student showed the gun to at least two other students in the cafeteria earlier that morning.

There is no word yet on if the mother will face any charges.


  • Ron

    Why did he bring the gun to school? Was he being threatened by another student or gang? These are the questions that the police and school officials need to be asking. Was it just something to talk about? He must have had a reason for bringing that gun on school grounds.

    • Donaknowsitall

      Ron, the kid said he didn’t know the gun was in his backpack. So that said, if he didn’t know it was there, there is no reason for him to bring it to school, get my drift?
      Now, do I believe this kid, nope sure don’t. He knew it was there, he probably put it there.

  • Glad I Left Hell

    Can’t be too excellent if he forgot to bring the ammunition. Either way, we should look at what drove him to do this? Bullying, thug mentality, forgot to take it out of his backpack after playing MIdnight Basketball? Too many questions need to be answered.

  • Just saying

    Wait for it! ………..Wait for it!…………………..Yep he’s black . let’s give him a basketball. problem solved. lol NEXT PLEASE.

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