Terry Turnage appears in court for not paying child support

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FORREST CITY, Ark. -- A man considered to be one of the worst deadbeat dads in the Mid-South told a judge Tuesday why he can't pay child support to two of his dozens of his children.

We first told you about Terry Turnage two years ago. Now even more women claim he's fathered their children and that he's not paying up.

He was arrested in St. Francis County, Arkansas, in November for not paying child support to two women in Forrest City who say they have children by Turnage.

Tuesday, one of the women spoke up about how Turnage needs to get his priorities straight.

News Channel 3 confronted a handcuffed Turnage outside the St. Francis County Jail.

"What are you going to say to the judge today? Sir, anything you want to say to your children?" we asked.

Turnage made no comment and showed no emotion as he was led into the St. Francis County Courthouse.

Turnage requested an appearance before Circuit Judge Ann Hudson, to plead his case on why he is unable to pay child support to two Forrest City women who had his children.

WREG has showed you how Turnage has been apparently leading a lavish lifestyle, posting pictures on Facebook of himself drinking high-priced whiskey, driving shiny cars, and calling himself "TYB."

One of Turnage's Forrest City children is 2-year-old Javion Davis, who spent much of Tuesday playing with ornaments on a Christmas tree outside the  courtroom.

But there was no holiday spirit in Javion's mother Miesha Davis, who said Turnage needs to "man up" and do the right thing for little Javion.

"Be some type of father figure in his life. Show him that you can take care of him and be a man. He knows who he is, but the daddy part...no. He just knows him as 'TYB,'" Davis said.

Turnage was scheduled to post a $5,000 cash bond Tuesday in St. Francis County or face more jail time.

Davis said Turnage could have saved himself a lot of trouble by putting his children ahead of his lavish life style.

"You out here making all these kids and buying all this jewelry and cars. I mean it's not hard for you to sit up and take of your kids. It's not hard. If you did all this in the beginning, you wouldn't have to go through all this," Davis said.

Turnage was last on the docket of child support cases to come before Judge Hudson.

Hudson sentenced Turnage to 364 days in jail and ordered him to pay $6,120 in back child support he owes to the two Forrest City women. The judge said if Turnage pays the full amount he will get out of jail, but if not, he'll stay in jail


  • impulse item

    These stupid f…ing hores just never learn do they? Do they really think that a self serving black man is going to give up the facade of being too cool to actually grow up and be anything more than their own father? If you keep doing the same thing over and getting the same results then you are truly ignorant.

  • MikeBarret

    Am I the only one who has a hard time finding sympathy for all these mothers? The man is known by the nickname “Take Yo’ B**ch” and sleeping with him is a good idea? He must be packing the most hypnotic mandingo snake this side of the Sahara, to keep convincing women to get freaky. I do have sympathy for the kids, though, none of them volunteered to have this deadbeat in their lives (or not in their lives apparently).

  • What does this cost society?

    This man is a poster child for Lyndon Johnsons Great Society Programs. Unmarried with children and you get the food, housing, WIC, Earned Income credits, TennCare, welfare checks, and qualify for a multitude of state and local programs including free utilities. No one works, no one is responsible for anything. If you try to change this insanity and make them learn a trade, go to school or perform a public service they scream it is inhumane, corrupts their dignity and racist to make people perform a service for the freebies society hands them. Now Obama has given us 5 million more of these freeloaders, the county is bankrupt, and down the toilet we swirl. This one man and his ladies are costing society 100’s of thousands of dollars and multiply this by tens of millions more like them and this Ponzi scheme will collapse this nation before it is over.

    • Smitty1961

      The only statement of yours that I would take issue with is your contention that the 5 million illegals will continue to be freeloaders. Every interaction I’ve had with illegals suggests that they are all working jobs and at least paying for housing and food. I don’t place them in the same category with our professional deadbeat class that is profiled in this article.

  • Mom's got this!

    I don’t understand why these little girls out here won’t get a job or a career and take care of their own children instead of spending time in court trying to get child support that they will never get. When you’re a single mom it’s gonna be tough financially, especially when you don’t get little or no help from the father and I know this first hand. They need to get themselves together, get educated, work, and work hard. I’m in the same situation with the deadbeat dad that only gives my daughter gifts on holidays and birthdays (sometimes the gifts come months later after a holiday or birthday has passed) or call her just to say hi maybe twice a month. I don’t ask him for anything because I’m not going to get anything but an excuse and I don’t have him on child support. I don’t have time to force him to be financially responsible because I’m working full time and raising our daughter. He doesn’t work just draws a check every month from the government, so what kind of child support is my daughter gonna get if he gets about $600 a month? I make way more a month than he gets a month so we’re good!

  • Pedro

    he owes 6000 dollars and goes to jail for a year???!!!

    -How can he pay child support in jail?
    -How can not paying child support land you in jail for a year, its not a violent crime.
    This system makes no sense, so now he goes to jail which will hurt his chances of securing a job to pay future support.
    -This does not help the child, nor the mother, I am so confused

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