Shooting victim arrested when police discover 16 outstanding warrants

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man who called police about a shooting  in North Memphis was arrested after police discovered he wasn't who he said he was and had at least 16 active warrants.

Jamal Solid was already charged with aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, theft, domestic assault, and resisting arrest, and is now facing charges of making a false report and criminal impersonation.

Police say when they responded to the shooting at Chelsea and May, Solid told them his name was Larry Moss before being transported to the hospital. They later learned Moss was Solid, and say Solid lied about who he was so he wouldn't be caught.

People in the neighborhood were the shooting happened have seen Solid in the area before, but had no idea he was in so much trouble.

"That's a lot of felonies to be walking the street," one man said.

Solid is being held on $500 bond. He will go before a judge next month.


  • Calypso

    $500 BOND?????? What a joke. So this guy only has to pay 50 frekkin bucks an he’s back on the streets getting more charges. I hope he hangs out in that judges neighborhood for the holidays.

  • Leeboy

    Let’s see …16 previous active warrants, making a false report and criminal impersonation and being involved in a shooting equals a $500.00 bond? And we wonder why the crime rate is so high in Memphis and the surrounding area? Congratulations to the newly re-elected DA who promised to get tough on crime!! Seems like he should have been at the top or the fugitive list. Thanks MPD and the Attorney General for this “tough” approach to crime…I bet if he had injured a pet, he would have a much higher bond. Where are the priorities and why weren’t those who posted his previous bonds looking for him? I guess that means more money for bonding companies, the lawyers and the courts.

  • Bob

    Hold on there! Blacks do not commit crimes- that is whitey propaganda. They are all law abiding highly educated hard working citizens and to say otherwise is being racist.

  • Bob

    Who is the dumbarse Judge that gave this violent thug a 500 bail? Let me guess- the Judge was black. If he is white then he acted out of fear and did want to come across as a racist. Either this is insane.

    Now this is something that people should actually go out and protest. Time we stop treating these animals with kid gloves.

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