Police searching for robber who targets women for cash

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Police are looking for a man who wants cash, and is targeting women to get it.

A mother saw a strange man staring at her as she pulled into the parking lot

“He was real fidgety and watching me so I didn't get out of my car,” she said.

He got out of his blue hatchback and walked up to her window.

“He pulled a gun out, pointed at my window, said, 'Give me your cash.' I said I don't have any cash, he said, 'Roll down the window or I'm going to shoot.' I rolled down the window just enough that I could squeeze my purse through and give it to him. He wouldn't take it and said, 'I need your cash.' I said I don't have any cash, you can have my purse," the woman recounted.

He seemed angry and rolled his head back. She thought he was going to pull the trigger.

“I threw the car in drive and took off,” she said. “I pulled out of Garden Ridge onto Summer and he followed me.”

She pulled back into the parking lot and he left.

WREG was there as police showed her some men they thought it could be, but she didn’t see him.

Officers told us they believe the same man tried the same thing to another woman about 30 minutes after her. They're doing all they can to find him.

“Women are going in and out of there all day. There was a little lady, 75, and I thought, 'Thank God it wasn't her,'" one officer said.


  • Gonebabygone

    What does he look like? If she got enough of a look for a photo lineup, police should be able to release a description…or do they plan to profile every man driving any vehicle that may be considered both a hatchback and blue?

    • Dan

      Police did release a description in their report..its public information. Ch 3 is too scared to say because they feel they will be labeled as “racist” by telling the truth

  • jrogers5650@gmail.com

    Here’s what I don’t understand…. WHY didn’t she just take off, initially, when she saw him staring at her. How stupid???

    • Brittany

      Here’s what I don’t understand… WHY didn’t he just take off, initially, when he felt compelled to rob her. How stupid???

      There. Now your comment doesn’t sound completely ridiculous. Calling this woman stupid for not accurately assessing a threat (staring) that she likely encounters EVERY SINGLE DAY is stupid.

      • Sportzfanz

        I would have hit the gas as soon as I saw that gun or b4! I have been robbed at gunpoint when gettin out of my car at home. My instinct was to push the gun out of my face and I did ! Don’t remember dropping my pkgs and purse… The 2 young blacks grabbed my purse and ran. I was just glad they were not still there when I turned back around … You don’t know how you will react until you are in that position. You don’t have time to think it out… I just reacted.

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