Officer charged with woman’s murder & attempted murder of a child

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- The officer who reportedly fatally shot a woman and tried to shoot a 12-year-old boy has been charged.

Jaselyn Grant, who was off duty at the time of the shooting, is charged with second-degree murder for 29-year-old Keara Crowder's death and second-degree attempted murder for shooting at Crowder's son.

Thursday Grant resigned from the Memphis Police Department.

Deputies responded at about 5 a.m. to a home in the 4500 block of Bassett Hall Drive, where they found Crowder "lying in the front yard, bleeding."

Officer Jaselyn Grant

Officer Jaselyn Grant

Investigators say the 34-year-old officer returned from her shift and then waited for Crowder and her son to arrive.

A verbal argument escalated, and that's when investigators say Grant shot Crowder three times.

Crowder, married Grant in Illionis, was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition. She was pronounced dead just after 2 p.m.

The 12-year-old boy was not injured.

Grant was taken into custody without incident.

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  • Blue blood

    If the sheriff took over you would hate them in a few days too after they enforced the law . That’s what your really mad about right!

    • Rude Druid


      I am mad that Memphis hires convicted criminals with IQs of 84.5 and gives them guns, badges, uniforms, and the power to kill ANY of us. They are poorly trained, VERY stupid, and they confuse the term “police officer” with the term “gangbanger”, and they often behave like the latter.

      If you don’t have a problem with that, then you ARE on the side of the bad guys.

      We need professional, FIRST WORLD police — black and white alike — and NOT a gang of criminal Ton Ton Macoutes protected by the police union. .

      • langor1

        You need to ease up and stop insulting everyone who disagrees with you. Every day you are name calling, your arguments would be better with a little restraint.

      • Ed

        I agree but you get what you pay for. Shamefully low pay, no pay raises for 6 years, pay cuts and healthcare that costs a third of your salary and you will continue to get the same old same old. You don’t see this in Austin tx where their cops are well paid and appreciated by their employers.

    • Hunter

      Who cares what that goofball likes or dislikes he spends every waking minute of his life waiting for the slightest chance to hurl insults towards “ANY” MPD OFFICER he can.

    • You Know Who

      Blue Blood it the typical MPD Illiterate thug. Doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. Probably ESL with his first language being ebonics. A waste of skin.

  • whatchamacallit

    I spect this womans family is going to want some money from the city of Memphis ,if I were the kid I would be looking for a real good lawyer.

  • Rude Druid

    “Lying in wait” = premeditation.

    Only those who are accustomed to living in a Third World, dumbed-down environment — like our friend Hunter — think Memphis is just fine with these homicidal idiots running loose in police uniforms.

    • Hunter

      No worse than you standing up the hill jumping up and down pointing your crooked little finger at everything that is to your dislike while defending the consumption of narcotics your nothing but an educated “hippie ” that thinks you and your kind are above the law. While you do have some valid points at times you are perversely sickening .

    • Ben R

      DING ! you be the winner ! When you have to hire within the boundaries this is what you get . Must be a Herrington thing. Gotta love how city council knows best or they had to be the PC police .. don’t want someone feelings hurt .. Also I guess Blue Crush was cancelled because it didn’t work?

      • Rude Druid


        King Willie cared EVERYTHING about the skin color of those who got hired, and did not give a rat’s asp about the content of their character. HIS kind of people are who got hired. Thugs — and that is NOT a racial term.

  • anacleto

    I don’t think the police officers have any thing to do with anybodies Thoughts. If we could predict criminals we would have them all in jail before the crime was comitted. As for esl classes i’m going to say that we all need them

  • Rude Druid

    Premeditated murder — and attempted murder of a child. Life without parole. Well-deserved.

    This is what happens when you hire thugs — irrespective of their color. They will ALWAYS damage the brand.

    Add alcohol, energy drinks, and steroids. Then you’ve got problems, and you’ll continue to have problems until you stop hiring thugs. Is that really too hard for people in Memphis to grasp?

    Or do folks here think it’s OK to keep hiring thugs in jobs that give them life and death power over the rest of us?

    • me

      I personally know the officer and she was nowhere near a thug. She treated that boy as if he was her own so I seriously doubt she shot at him. As for this premeditated, is a complete lie to make the story more interesting. Several “facts” aren’t true in this broadcast so of course your going to feel hated for someone you have never met a day in your life. You didn’t know the victim nor the officer so that really makes everything you said about their character irrelevant. I’ll pray for you right doing with the Crowder and Grant families.

      • Rude Druid

        That makes sense. I’m going to back off here for a couple of weeks.

        But just about all of you still know that I’m right, at a very basic level.

        If you “get it”, then I won’t try to convince you further.

        If you DON’T get it — then you have many more people who fear and dislike you than is reflected on this page, where both you and I are guilty of making ourselves the issue, rather than this tragedy — AND crime.

  • Christopher Matthew

    This is at least the 980th person to have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2014.
    At least 1,734 have been killed since May 1, 2013.
    KILLED BY POLICE page on Facebook.

  • me

    Regardless of money from the city of memphis, this child has lost his mother. Money doesn’t bring her back. Point blank period the it shot with the intent to harm. So whatever sentence she receives she deserves if not harsher punishment. 1st degree should be the charges. Praying for the mother of the slained victim. To bury a child is heartwrenching and for the boy that has to grow up without his mom.

  • Rhuetta Cochran Meeks

    May God give all of this family the strength to make it through. This is no joke I watched Keara grow up with my daughter Tesha and I know KC very well I have connects to help u as far as funeral home, caskets and catering tell Bianca to call Tesha love you all hold on to God’s unchanging hands and look to the hills from which cometh your help it will come from the Lord

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