Former Rust College professor sentenced for raping student

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — A former professor at Rust College entered a guilty plea to a charge of sexual battery Monday morning.

Sylvester Oliver was facing a trial after being indicted for raping a student in his office.

Oliver was given a 15 year suspended sentence.

He is also facing five years of supervised probation.

In February, we reported eight other women who have come forward to say they were also attacked.

“All of these women reported the behavior. They reported the assaults, and nothing was done in every last one of them,” said Sam Cherry a partner at the Cochran Law Firm.


  • Ron

    Well he should have gotten 40 hours of community service and be made to write a letter of apology to all those women.

  • Ronny Jant

    I see ’em always holding on to themselves – I knew one would get away from them one day and cause something like this.

  • Joseph

    Hopefully, one of these female victims has a male friend that will be more than happy to dole out some good old fashioned Southern “street justice”. Guaranteed that he will no longer possess the :”equipment” to commit such a heinous crime ever again.

  • John T. Dwyer

    I nominate this guy for the Henry Louis Gates, Jr., look-a-like award!

    He’s probably like Herenton in that he gets one of those show up for class, hand out, pander, doctorates;
    starts using it in front of his name, and everybody starts falling over themselves saying “Manna from Heaven”, “Praise de lawd”, “We’s saved boss!”,
    It also opens the door for them to bone all the women they want too. “An edumicated black man wouldn’t do that!”

    BTW…..whatever happened to Mahnaz Barmand or that Mullatto elevator operator from the Peabody?

  • Doris Patterson

    Lord, we are in so much trouble. The sin sick men and women of this world are silently crying out for help but the Lord will deliver you on time. HIS TIME! It’s so scary that when we send our boys and girls off to school, this is what happens. SAD. In my opinion, some of the churches are no better.

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