New opening date for Bass Pro Pyramid

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- During a tour for members of the media of construction inside the Pyramid, reporters were told the Bass Pro store will now open May 1, 2015.

The opening date has been delayed several times, with the most recent date being this Christmas.

More than 200 construction workers are reportedly in the Pyramid daily.

Bass Pro told us for the past ten months, construction, creative, and design teams have been transforming the Pyramid into a Cypress swamp with fish and alligators, as well as 24 faux Cypress trees stretching to the upper reaches of the building.

Bass Pro executives promise it will be well worth the wait.

After keeping anyone from seeing inside for eight months, Bass Pro finally let WREG show you how it's transforming the old home of the Grizzlies and Tigers.

Courts and bleachers are replaced with attractions, including a hotel called the Big Cypress Lodge. Rooms will start at $259 a night.

"Rooms feature fireplaces, handcrafted furniture, and a very uniquely designed, screened-in porch," a woman with Big Cypress Lodge said.

There will also be an ocean-themed bowling alley called the Fishbowl, two restaurants, and Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling center.

"We are going to have a mock-up duck lodge," a Ducks Unlimited official said. "There you can relax by the fireplace, watch videos, view art work and taxidermy."

Observation decks will also line the outside of the Pyramid.

"Although it's taken a bit more time, it's very, very well worth it," one official said.

WREG tried talking to Mayor A C Wharton about the pyramid, but he left without talking to us. Our requests for an interview to find out what he thinks about the delays went unanswered.

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  • Pam

    Awesome I can’t wait to go shopping on May 1 2015. In fact July 4th 2015 will be a great shopping day. When you think about it, the fact that they’re going to open up on November 26 2015 will make it the best black Friday ever! I’m sure Valentines Day 2016 will see lots of sweethearts buying each other stuff.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    At the rate things have been going, I figured the BPS would open somewhere around the 5th of Neveruary!

  • Get Serious

    Not only does May 1, 2015 fall on a Friday, it’s also the first day of the 2015 Beale Street Music Festival. Teen mobs, mark your calendars! You’ll have both partiers and shoppers to choose from! Decisions, decisions…

  • Realist

    Looks great!! If the Memphis city leaders keep security tight and the thugs out this will definately breathe new life into downtown. It really seems to me they are taking the time and investing the money to do it right and should be worth the wait. I will definately frequent this location often. Way to go B.P.S. and I wish you great success!!!

  • TJMfs

    Sometimes, it feels like WREG will find some pretend reason to poke at every good thing going on in Memphis. This is but one more example.

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