All four Tennessee amendments pass

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Voters in Tennessee had to decide on four proposed constitutional amendments and passed all of them.

Amendment 1 amends the state constitution to allow the possibility of restrictions on abortions and regulation of abortion clinics.

Amendment 2 will changes how judges are chosen.

Amendment 3 prevents the possibility of a state income tax in Tennessee and municipalities from implementing a local income tax.

Amendment 4 allows organizations serving veterans to hold annual lotteries, raffles etc.


  • Ron

    People REALLY ARE THAT STUPID. They voted for Amendment 1 thereby saying I am too stupid to decide for myself. Please decide for me or wise ones in government. DUH?

    • Tim Jones

      Your statement seems a little off. Do you even know what the amendment was? First how as a male does it effect your decisions? Second is that it does NOT effect a woman’s decision in that it does not prohibit or prevent an abortion. It does put some restrictions on what procedures can be done and at what quality must be maintained. These will be for the beneficent of women in making certain unnecessary procedures that can cause harm to the mother would be better regulated and that the clinics will be regulated for doing what they are doing, a medical procedure. If this were a bill to regulate that dentists be certified there would not be a problem (oh wait it was done and there was no problem). Yet a more dangerous procedure that can have deadly effects you would rather be done by someone without a license to practice medicine? Sounds like a very ignorant response or one of those who run a clinic for profit abortion mills with no degree in medicine.

      • Casey

        The amendment absolutely does affect a woman’s decision and can very well prohibit abortion entirely for the citizens of Tennessee. “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion.” Pretty self explanatory; no guarantees that abortion will be allowed no matter the circumstances. “The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or when necessary to save the life of the mother.” The currently elected state representatives can come up with and pass ANY statutes regarding abortion. They can also repeal or amend those statutes, so that part is good if a statute completely outlawing abortion gets passed, at least down the line people have the choice to vote in new state representatives that can repeal those statutes if they so choose. That last bit means that, sure, if the representatives wanted to they could include exceptions for rape or incest or if the mother will die so that they could get abortions, but the DON’T have to. In essence, the amendment says state representatives now can repeal any existing statutes on abortion they don’t like and create any new statutes about abortion they do like. The belief that it won’t affect a woman’s personal decision is naive at best. Also, men can have daughters, men have wives, men have mothers. If a man’s wife is raped and the woman becomes pregnant, you’d better believe it affects him too.

      • George Brown

        The Supreme Court ruled and reaffirmed no state can ban abortion before viability of the fetus has been determined and must have an exemption for the life of the mother.
        Should Roe v. Wade ever be overturned, that could change, but for now it stands.

      • chickie dee

        Bend it any way you want to tim but it still means some dumbass repuke decides what’s best for women in Tennessee.

      • Steven Haynes

        Actually, it very much affected a woman’s right to chose. The amendment put the right of abortions, the control, regulation, and allowing of abortions directly in the control of the state, removing a woman’s right to choose, should the state decide “screw abortion, we have the power to ban it now. Let’s do it!”

      • jgh59

        First of Tim, you can’t “effect” anyone decisions, you can only “affect” their decisions. Now that we’ve established your educational level and probably a representative percentage of the “vote yes on 1” demographic, let’s talk about the issue. Roughly 16% of the adult citizenry in TN have voted to allow an increasingly conservative state government free reign to make it more difficult for a woman to exercise her constitutionally protected right to terminate her pregnancy. Why do you think out of state right to life groups poured so much money into this issue? Leave it to the “haters of big government” to pass a law which invades one of the most private, delicate decisions a person can make. Don’t touch my wallet, but denying people their privacy is a turkey shoot.

    • Just Sayin

      Are people really that stupid that they don’t want abortion clinics to be held to certain health, safety, and sanitary standards?

      • DetectiveBabyLegs

        This has nothing to do with health and safety standards, or else people would be beating down the doors to make dentists and optometrists have the same admitting privileges. Or, lord forbid, urologists who perform vasectomies. People need to quit masquerading their crusade against abortion rights as if they’re doing it for the “safety” of the women using these services. It’s patronizing and insulting.

    • Idahoser

      actually Ron, “stupid” would be basing an analysis on the faulty information you used. It actually says “WE will decide, a faulty supreme court decision does not a law make”.

  • Lynn mariaskin

    Re amendment 1: isn’t it strange that the very people who SHOUT for less government in our lives are the ones who approved this insane amendment? Why is that? Let’s hope a woman in your family never has that choice made for her…….

    • Leaveit

      And Vice-versa. Regardless of my position, the “No on 1 group” is normally the same group that votes for more govt regulations. Seems to be a conflict of values on both sides. Either way, the people (who voted) have spoken.

  • TONY C

    i am very happy to see this amendment pass, at first I did not understand it, but I have read and educated myself. I hope that they will someday expand this amendment, to make sure that it includes fail safes that prevent it from being used for BirthControl purposes, and if anyone (doctors, nurses, clinic workers, or women) who are found to have used it for these purposes will face harsh penalties, and make sure that tax dollars do not fund it either. before you liberal idiots out there get your government funded bloomers in a wad let me make it clear, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY COMMENTS, I have freedom of speech also, you are not the only ones who have that right.
    My wife and I were faced with a decision 9 years ago when our youngest son was being delivered, there were some complications that must have warranted the doctor to ask us the question ” if the mother’s (my wife) life becomes in jeopardy during labor, do we want abortion to be considered” my wife and I both, quickly and decisively told the doctor that abortion was not an option and if it be gods will they will die together in the delivery room, no exceptions. we could have took the easy way out and said yes, we could have lost our son because of a mis-diagnosis also.
    Its funny how people can rant and rave when something makes their life a little more restricted, but they fail to look to the far end of the situation, how it may really effect them in the long run.
    YES ON 1 !! and praying for more regulation in this area of our lives

    BTW…. I am a bible thumping, Gun toting, small government loving taxpayer, that thinks I can make better decisons for me an my family. I prove it everyday

    • Paul

      If you feel you “make better decisions for you an your family” then why would you vote to give that right away to the government? That is what Amendment 1 does you back woods county dope!

      • Tony c

        Ha,,Ha Paul.
        Apparently you are a line skimmer who hasn’t mastered ” reading between the lines” I’m not going to re-explain my thoughts. Maybe you can call your 9 th grade English teacher and have her/him give you a refresher course in understanding what is being said, maybe I could ask my 9 yr old to explain it to you after he gets done watching cartoons ?? BTW if you are going to resort to filler material in your replies IE “you backwoods county dope” let me enlighten your poor ears with some lengthy words of my own, you coolaid drinking oaf, lol, this is so funny, watching the liberals lose their grasp on america slowly, but surely . Some things people cannot decide for theirselves like this situation and I’m glad to see the people of this state see it that way also

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