Raleigh Egypt parents call charter school transition a “hostile takeover”

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Families in Raleigh fear they're losing control of their schools. They're calling it a hostile take-over. Parents tell WREG they'll transfer their kids to another school before they let them stay here under charter control.

An out-of-state program known as Green Dot is coming in to take over Raleigh Egypt High School, but the community isn't rolling out the red carpet for them.

Chasity Balfour has two kids in this high school.

"If they change I will not keep my kids in this school. Period," she said.

Balfour isn't ready to accept that they don't have a choice in this. She says great things are happening under the new Raleigh Egypt Principal James Griffin, and she wants to see it continue with local control.

"I feel that if they just give them a year or two to boost the grades up it will make a big difference," she said.

But the state says the school has fallen short on academics and is stepping in. The people who helped organize this takeover have a very simple answer for that request.

"The district has had a generation to fix this school."

Malika Anderson says its time for action. The Achievement School District invited these families to the table to talk, but the pizza was far from an olive branch. Parents didn't have questions -- they had demands and threats.

Students from Fairley High School already under Green Dot control were on hand to talk about the transition process. They told WREG it's not an overnight fix, and it involves a lot of change.

Jameka Elam is a senior at Fairley Student.

She said, "Maybe, probably ten teachers that I recognize from last year."

Families in this school district aren't ready to say the same thing. They say the fight is far from over.


  • Cityisajoke

    In order for our children to stand a chance in this life, we as the grown folks need to accept change. If those people aren’t doing anything against the law then what’s the problem???? We’re these same people at the school the whole time they were failing???? My best guest……probably not! !! Let those people do their jobs.and stop expecting people to cater to you!

  • Terri Harris

    I care!! And it should be against the law to turn a neighborhood public school into a business. Let Green Dot use their own money to start their school and leave the tax payer dollars in public schools.

    • You Know Who

      The reason why Green Dot is being brought in is because there was no school there to begin with. It was a place to house ghetto thugs while the baby-mama was out smoking crack. Now with Green Dot the school will be free of the politics that prevented it from functioning.

      Where were all you screaming parents at when your school was failing??????? You asked for this …. and you got it!

      • Smitty

        Amen. I would guess everything was just fine when there were no repercussions for having a child fail in school. Now that that might change and affect them, they suddenly give a sh*t.

    • ender_ikarus

      Agreed, the teachers and students work hard to turn their school around and the students there have potential. The community is bringing about change, where was green dot a few years ago when it was terrible, now they wanna step in finally when Raleigh Egypt actually starts changing for the better…..

  • Lee-Ann Nolan

    I am so proud of these teachers, staff, parents, & community members fighting together for their school!! This means everything! The ASD sees our students as dollar signs where we see them as young people with bright futures ahead of them.

  • len63

    And so the ignorance passes from generation to generation. You’d think these parents would demand the state take over so their children would receive a decent education! They should cut out all extra curricular programs until these children are passing with flying colors.

  • KnowYourRoll

    10 years and the school haven’t shown improvement shame on the City,county and state because that mean we lost over 3000 youth to a failing system. You should mad as hell about that. Honor roll numbers have double can’t believe those numbers because you (teachers) are handing out BOGUS grades to save there jobs. Lets keep it 100 like the kids say. Ask the child who the system fail how the feel, ask the child who was giving B’s but can’t fill out a job application or drop out of college because we failed them. So you fighting to keep the same BS going instead of change really where they do that at, only in Memphis!

  • jeremy

    now if only the state could take control of the parenting too. They won’t make much headway in improving the school or the community if they don’t get some help starting with home training.

    • John G

      I agree you are not going to change anything until you get these dumb lazy parents off their butts and start raising their kids.We cannot raise your children school is not a Daycare while you lay around all day complaining about government needs to do mo for me.

  • Tack

    Oh yes it’s the school that failed THEM and its not their fault! Now the big bad wolf is trying to take away their precious….. Let’s be real here. Ignorance breeds ignorants. When the teachers are too busy trying to control thugs and adhere to stupid “programs” they have no time to do their real job which is TEACH! But the PARENTS must also do their job and discipline their children and teach them right and wrong! Going to jail, let alone having any interaction with the police other than saying hi is NOT NORMAL for most people in the United States! And don’t tell me its because of race and “I was just walking down the street minding my own business…..” (yeah as a 14 yr old in the middle of the day when school is in session). It’s time to take responsibility and end the practice of dragging the worst of the worst along with the rest of the smart kids. Leave them behind and teach those that will learn. Stop holding back the good kids or busing the idiots around to spread the wealth! Somebody’s gotta work at McDonalds and try to make themselves feel like that is a job that should afford them a house, car, and lifestyle like Puff Daddy’s.

  • ender_ikarus

    Dude, lets be honest… Do you go to Raleigh Egypt or work there, If not then please stop ranting because i’m pretty sure you don’t see the change and the effort that they put into changing their school, the teachers there work hard as hell and the school is making a turnaround, you just fail to see it

    • len63

      I don’t doubt for a second the TEACHERS are working as hard as hell. It’s unfortunately the little thugs and baby mommas they are stuck with, that do not have any home training , that are the problem. I would challenge any of them to speak in a complete, grammically correct sentence!!!!

    • Donaknowsitall

      I was always under the impression that the kids HAD to go to the school in either the zip code or the street address where the kids lives. If that is the case, how can a parent just put their kids in a different school? Besides, if you have a failing kid, what difference does a different school make?

  • Scott

    There’s not enough information in this article for anyone to form an opinion. We don’t have the statistics for the school, nor do we have Green Dot’s plan of action. We don’t have cost and funding data and we don’t knot Green Dot’s history or success rate.

    Any opinion based on this article is half assed, at best. All we know is the reaction of at least some of the parents. Are there any supporters? Why or why not? We don’t know.

    • Mister Huge in Bartett

      There’s all the info you need. This is a school performing so poorly academically it was marked to be taken over by the State. It’s very apparent these “parents” and the school have failed badly trying to educated these pupils.
      Time to move on to something different.

  • Lady Elle

    I’m pretty sure that the parents, teachers, administrators etc. knew that this was a failing school. Where was your passion and concern before talk started about the state taking it over? It’s not a hostile take over, you should have been fighting for your school before hand.

  • Pete

    I would hand every student that wants to leave their withdrawal papers!!!!! They were bringing the school down anyway!!!!

  • dee

    Look i work at the middle school and let me tell you that it is a completly different atmosphere at that school. they have a new principal and he has cleaned up a lot of foolishness the pevailed at that school. they have a new football coach that has changed the culture of the players and that has also had a positive impact on the school. raleigh egypt has been bad for a long time and the state didnt take it over becuase they didnt want it but now that they see change is beginning to take place now they want to come and take it over. leave this school alone, look at all those concerned parents at that meeting, 3 years ago you would not have had that many show up. that should tell you right there things are changing

  • Mel

    I don’t see what the big fuss is about. The school used to be great now it looks like a prison. Not the type of place I would want my child to go and learn on a daily basis. It is funny that the parents want to complain and make a fuss about this transition but I know that there is little no parent participation to help the children in that school develop. It makes me sick to my stomach to see the lack of progression to that school over the years. They need change. the facts are:
    This is a low performing school.
    This program is brought in to help not harm the school.
    The Teachers under this program will be monitored and their performance is measured.
    The Teachers are paid more.

  • Jackson Bean

    The parents are fighting change because they want they’d kids to be stupid like they is. Can u fix these parents from being stupid please. They don’t they kids smarter than they is. Can I get a hallelujah please.

  • Sean

    Why do wh*te people think all bl*ck people smoke crack? Most of the crackheads I know are wh*te. And get it from black dealers.

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