City of Memphis employee indicted for embezzling money from traffic fines

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A federal grand jury indicted a City of Memphis employee Tuesday for embezzling money from people who had been issued motor vehicle citations.

Tammy Brooks Carpenter worked in the City Court Clerk’s Office.

Instead of just entering payments for citations, the 41-year-old would void the original payment, then enter a smaller amount into the system and take the difference for herself.

“She then allegedly took her brazen scheme one step further by targeting and preying upon vulnerable members of the Hispanic community,” Edward Stanton III, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, said.

Carpenter is accused of voiding 188 citations, of which 183 were issued to people with a Hispanic surname, and embezzled about $24,000.

She faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 if convicted.


  • Fedup

    That is the quality of individual we are supposed to have sympathy for because they raised the employee share of insurance. I guess she figured she would let the people she stole from help her with the new premiums.

  • JD


  • Rude Druid

    This thief was preying on Hispanics. Clients have repeatedly told me they PAID their fines, yet get arrested for not paying them. THIS IS THE CRIMINAL — in fact, this is the GANG OF THIEVES — King Willie’s people — who have been looting this city for two decades.

    I hope she goes to prison for a long time, and that anyone harmed by her thievery SUES THE CITY.

    • Rude Druid

      We should not assume that all of Wilie’s Culture of Looting are black. This woman just joined the rat-pack, did what she saw going on around her. And I still say that she targeted Hispanics deliberately and with racial malice.

      Willie made Memphis city employees think that looting was just an ENTITLEMENT.

    • Rude Druid

      Not every person with a Hispanic surname is here illegally. And being “legal” here is no license to be a racist thief.

      Contrary to what you seem to believe, David Carter.

      Lawsuits are coming over this. Memphis will pay for a lot of FALSE ARRESTS.

      And Bartlett — Bartlett — let’s face it — is THE most racist community in Shelby County. It is typical that this bytch would live there. Bartlett is full of racists. Especially their police department.

      • Ronny Jant

        Bartlett police profile. Profiling helps keep crime down. If you drive through Bartlett acting the part of a thug, you’re going to get stopped and questioned. That’s not racist – that’s common sense.

      • Rude Druid

        Even the almighty Bartlett Police must obey the law of the land. Profiling IS illegal, and they DO profile anybody who isn’t white. Either that or no white people EVER speed in Bartlett. Go to their municipal court sometime and compare those who receive tickets in Bartlett vs the ethnic makeup of Bartlett.

        Bartlett PD also has a dirty deal with Immigration. Bartlett IS the Ferguson, Missouri of Shelby County.

        Bartlett was founded by two prominent Dixiecrat families — the Bunkers and the Raineys — in the 60s as their little White People ONLY Heaven. And those racists STILL run Bartlett.

  • Ron

    I was raised to not steal and I never stole anything. I guess parents do not set an example for their kids anymore. Sad.

  • Fabon Washington

    This piece of excrement white woman lives in Bartlett, why is she employees by the City of Memphis.

    Needs a federal charge for stealing and one for a hate crime sense she targeted Hispanics.

    • Pam

      Only reason she picked Hispanics is they always pay in cash so they were easiest to skim from. No hate crime going on here she just picked the easy cash.

      • Rude Druid

        That’s some mighty smooth rationalizing, Pam.

        People can go to jail for not paying those tickets. She was happy to ruin the lives of Hispanic families — many of whom ARE United States citizens, BTW.

        This WAS a racial hate crime, and I hope it is punished as such.

  • Charlie

    Channel 3, why was Tammy’s face not shown on the news today. Having someone with a Federal indictment for embezzlement is a serious matter. And because the victims may have been non-English speaking would it not have been practical to show her picture ? I remember years ago when the young lady was indicted for embezzlement from the MED her face was plastered all over the place the first day.


  • Kevin Lewis

    Well…Well…and Well…She has been caught now…can’t blame anyone but her…she betrayed the trust of the people and should be dealt with accordingly…why do we always want to put the blame on others when something like this happens.

    • hero

      Need to check her facebook page for coworkers praying for one of their own. Hmmm??? wow if someone i knew did this I would not show support on her page! probably in on the scam with her?

      • Rude Druid

        Her Facebook page is SO classy!

        Making a duckface with her daughter!

        Bartlett trash stealing in Memphis.

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