Red light cameras coming to 18 more intersections

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the first time in five years, new red light cameras will be installed in Memphis.

A total of 30 red light cameras will be added at 18 intersections this month.

“This is a win-win for Memphians. The safety program is funded by violators and not taxpayers. Any revenue from the program goes back in to helping keep Memphis safe by providing funds for police car dash cameras and neighborhood watch programs,” CAO George Little said.

The cameras will be installed at the following intersections:

  • Walnut Grove @ Farm Road
  • Winchester Road @ Hacks Cross Rd
  • Kirby Parkway @ Winchester Road
  • Knight Arnold Rd @ S Perkins Rd
  • Riverdale Rd @ Winchester Rd
  • Mendenhall Rd @ Winchester Rd
  • E Shelby Dr/SR 175 @ Riverdale Rd
  • S Germantown Rd/Riverdale Bend Rd @ Winchester Rd
  • Airways Blvd @ E Shelby Dr / SR 175
  • Poplar Ave/SR 57/US 72 @ S Highland St
  • Summer Ave / SR 1 / US 79 / US 64 @ Sycamore View Rd
  • Poplar Ave/SR 57/US 72 @ Ridgeway Rd/Shady Grove Rd S
  • S Germantown Rd/Riverdale Bend Rd @ Winchester Rd
  • Covington Pike/SR 204 @ Stage Rd/SR 15
  • Mitchell Rd @ S 3rd St / US 61 / SR 14
  • Plough Blvd / Holly Cir @ Winchester Rd
  • E Shelby Dr / SR 175 @ Elvis Presley Blvd / SR 3
  • Moriah Rd @ Park Ave

Signs will be posted letting drivers know the cameras are in use, and during October, fines won’t be issued, although warning violations will still be mailed to vehicle owners.

“Drivers typically sit up and take notice when a police officer is present, and we anticipate red-light safety cameras will have that effect here. We want drivers to approach these selected intersections with care because they are dangerous locations,” Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said.

Police review photographic and video evidence before issuing red light violations, which can be challenged like other traffic violations. State law sets the fine at $50.


  • MikeBarret

    This isn’t about safety, it’s about raising money and getting people used to more cameras and surveillance. If it was about safety, instead of putting up cameras, they would introduce an additional 1-2 second delay at these intersections between a signal turning red and the opposing signal turning green. That improves safety, costs zero, and could be implemented tomorrow.

  • langor1

    Profit source policing has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with a fee based America. WREG, who has the contract for the cameras and what is their percentage of revenue?

  • Realist

    I don’t agree with red light cameras at all. There are too many unavoidable circumstances you can encounter at an intersection and have no recourse. They should be outlawed and taken down. I agree with the other poster in delaying the red to green light timing, but this is not about safety just more money.

  • Jim Lord

    Pretty simple. Don’t run a red light. I think it is a reasonable way to enforce traffic laws and put actual officers in places where they are needed.

    • NavyVet

      I had a choice go through the light when it was yellow and it turned red on me or get smashed into by the car behind me. Let’s think about this one.

      • Brian

        You are supposed to be safe from a fine if you enter the “box” before the light turns red. I’ve not seen a bunch of outrage over tickets issued for entering the box on yellow. There was mention in an article somewhere some time ago regarding the number of potential violations thrown out upon review by a human, so… despite what we all may like to think when we wear the tin, I suspect there’s not nearly the racket going on that we’re hoping to uncover.

  • Ron

    What makes me MAD about this is the fact that they take the crosswalk warning away so the light is just sprung on you with NO warning whatsoever. Why do we need government. Lets install a red light, do it yourself, mayor.

    • Brian

      So you’re telling me that part of the contractor’s assignment when installing a camera is to remove the more sophisticated countdown crosswalk signal and replace it with a less advanced “walk-don’t walk” unit? I don’t buy that.

    • Erika

      No kidding. I get such a “chuckle” when they turn on their lights going down Poplar at every intersection but turn them off once through the intersection. Ya, THAT’S not dangerous.

      • Rude Druid

        But you don’t understand. The police DO NOT have to obey the law like the rest of us. That is one of their privileges. Like killing people with impunity and disrespecting and abusing the public every lousy day.

  • Amy

    Tickets are automatically mailed to the owner of the vehicle stating they are guilty, negating the American principle of Innocent until proven guilty. The ticket states on the back that if you were not driving give the name and drivers license number of the person who was. The constitution and law does not compel me to do this. It again is a violation of the law. But cities seem fine with this method of revenue generation. This is not about safety.

  • Rude Druid

    This is ALL about making money. Road Pirates at work. Here is how to fight one of these:

    1) Request a trial.

    2) Object, if you wish, to the introduction of the photo into evidence. It does NOT proof of who was driving.

    3) State rests. Judge should dismiss. If not, YOU rest. Judge has to dismiss. There is NO evidence of who was driving. And you haven’t committed perjury. (Remember, you aren’t entitled to commit perjury ’cause you’re not a cop.)

    End of story. Just clog up the system, make the City lose money with these dirty schemes.

    And George Little — you just take a long walk off a short pier, PLEASE.

    You will not be missed. Not one stinking BIT.

  • Rude Druid

    Another things — these Road Pirates at American Traffic Solutions give you a ridiculously short time to contest the ticket — like 5 days — and their instructions on how to do so are NOT CLEAR.

    We should have the same length of time to contest a video ticket as a real ticket. The City of Memphis is falling down on the job by not FORCING the Road Pirates to outline our rights CLEARLY and give us the same length of time to go to court and fight the ticket as we have for any other ticket — typically, 3 weeks or so.

  • Judy Presley

    I just wanted a turn signal at Whitten and Century Center Parkway and was told there was not enough traffic flow, are you kidding me….anybody turning left onto Whitten would agree!!!

    • Brian

      That intersection is beyond mind-numbingly stupid. There’s not a single good reason that the protected left turn from s/b Written needs to run 24 hours per day, for one.

      … yet n/b Appling left onto Dexter is a yield-on-green situation, despite it being an almost completely blind turn.

      And if this nonsense were one bit about safety, you’d have seen Winchester/ Hacks Cross be one of the first installations several years ago.

  • N

    Uhh why does it say poplar and highland when there have been cameras there and they dont even work. They flash randomly

  • King Willie

    This is nothing but robbery by a bunch of bribed cowards on the city council. If WREG had any journalistic integrity, it would investigate the people backing this.

  • NavyVet

    Last week I had a choice to be either smashed into by the car behind me or to go through a yellow light that turned red right after I started through it. Of course I did not want to be smashed into. I do not know what kind of delay the cameras have, but I have seen other people go through a yellow light and the sec it turned red they had their photo taken. I know that in a few states it has been found that tickets can not be given by the red light camera companies. If I get a ticket, I will be fighting it.

    • Brian

      See my reply to your other post. Image capture ≠ assessment of violation. If they were trying to bill people for entering the box on yellow, you WOULD see outrage at a level that would garner news coverage.

  • The Doc

    So the ONLY context in which these photos can be used is to see if you ran the light? I really doubt that. So you can drive to the grocery store, or the drug store, or the home improvement store, or the gun shop and have your picture taken by a state-run camera without your consent? How is this not surveillance of the population? How is this not an invasion of privacy? So it’s not okay for people to wear Google glasses into Starbucks but it’s okay for the government to take 20 pictures of me in my car on the way to the grocery store?

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