Bartlett officer involved in deadly crash identified; Highway patrol investigating

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- The Bartlett officer involved in a crash that left two people dead has been identified.

Patrolman Lucas A. Hines is a six year veteran assigned to the Patrol/Traffic Division.

A patrol car driven by Hines collided with another vehicle Sunday.

Today, the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) took over the investigation into the crash.

Danny Floyd, 63, and 49-year-old Michelle Sloyan died in the crash.

The cause of the crash is not known.

Several witnesses told WREG Hines was speeding without lights or sirens and ran a red light.

Police have told us Hines was not responding to a call at the time of the crash.



  • George

    A person with so little regard for his own life and the lives of others’ should have never been handed the keys to a police car. The damage to the vehicles attests this nutcase was driving at a speed beyond reckless for a heavily used city street. You have to wonder how many more crazy people are on the police force.

    The Bartlett Police Department has already practically admitted this guy was trying to catch up with a colleague to help write someone a traffic ticket. Instead of promoting public safety as he is paid to do, this guy ended two lives over a trivial matter. I hope this public menace gets locked up where he is no longer a danger and is never allowed to drive on public roads again.

    There should be consequences for the people who were supposed to be supervising this cop, too. If they had taken advantage of the inexpensive technology we have now to monitor the driving habits of their officers, I bet they would have discovered this isn’t the first time he’s engaged in such gross recklessness. This is an inexcusable situation that should never happen, and it should end careers at the very least.

    • Ric

      Yes, be glad THP now has the helm. If any criminal actions are detected, TBI will become involved as well. Your mention of lack of “supervision” is extremely interesting. After some questionable decisions last year by the mayor, a judge, and the police chief, a very undesirable culture within BPD could have been formed. Hopefully, it is gone now……
      P.S. Watch the Shelby County DA very closely. Their pitiful record in these matters speaks for itself.

    • Josh

      Wasn’t trying to catch up to fellow officer first off, minutes before he tried stopping a car for speed and that car didn’t stop and always ran him over , then a chase took place till right before he wrecked it was called off , he was heading to last seen place of the car to which almost ran him over while he was on foot, says witness….

  • John

    Prayers for the officer and the families of the deceased.. Which ever vehicle made the left turn should be at fault according to what an insurance company and a judge told someone I know that was involved in an accident where a vehicle ran a light and hit them while making a left turn, there was a video showing the accident but it was still ruled. “Failure to yield”.

    • Gary Willis

      This officer’s negligent driving transcends who had the right of way or caused the crash for insurance purposes. You can’t expect a typical driver recognize and deal accordingly with a vehicle on a suburban street traveling at a speed normally only seen on a controlled access interstate highway or race track. That’s a major reason why speeding is illegal.

      If the crash had happened with the cop going a reasonable speed, it probably wouldn’t have been fatal. You have to remember kinetic energy is proportional to the speed squared. If this officer was going double the speed limit, the crash wasn’t just twice as bad–it was four times as bad.

      Most anyone other than a cop in this situation would have gone directly to jail without collecting $200 regardless of whether they had the right of way. There’s zero doubt in my mind about that. Heck, most people would have gone to jail for merely getting caught going that fast without being involved in a crash.

    • Jennifer

      Nope. If someone is turning left and, say, the light turns yellow/red they have the right of way. On-coming traffic is supposed to stop. The “left turner” isn’t supposed to sit in the intersection. A friend of mine was in that same situation years ago and someone ran the light and t-boned her. He was ticketed. But who know, I guess it could be based on the cop that writes the ticket.

  • MCline

    Typical smug looking cop. It will probably be ruled the deceased’s fault, and the officer will be back out there.

  • smiley 925

    This is clearly gross negligence and poor judgment on this officer’s part. Speed kills point blank. And just as in DUI fatal crashes, the guilty walks and innocent lives are lost. Police officer’s are to uphold the law, not be above it. Praying for the families who lost their loved ones and praying for justice and no cover ups!

  • Rude Druid

    It will be investigated, and it will be determined that the cop was not at fault. THAT is what we will be told, six months or a year from now. Is everyone enjoying our Police State?

  • Jo

    The facts will come out because unlike MPD the other law enforcement agencies in the area have accountability for their officers in the way of in car video systems that usually can not be controlled by the officer. The system automatically turn on when the emergency lights are activated or in a collision. The system records usually a few minutes prior to the event occurring. Also the THP has probably read the airbag control modules or like some untrained people like to refer to them…….. BLACK BOXES from both vehicles which will reveal the actions of both drivers prior to, during. and after the event. So with that said why doesn’t everyone on here just wait on the proof and in the meantime pray for the victims, the families, and the officer. All of you cop haters need to go apply to department either full time or as a reserve and see if you can put your life on the line daily for low salary and poor benefits along with the lack of support from a lot of the community. You haters the next time you need help because your being robbed, beat on, or your stuff has left your home while your away don’t call the police, call one of these haters on here that can do a better job for you!

    • Rude Druid


      In this part of the country, certainly, the police are ABOVE the law except in the most extreme, blatant situations where prosecutors don’t DARE look the other way.

      And Bartlett PD, in particular, is it’s own little Ferguson, MO.

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