Group uses men to stop other men from committing domestic violence

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Tony Porter travels the country talking to men about how to stop violence against women.

Porter said said the men he talks to are the "good guys," but it's a tough conversation for men, "Most men will tell you it's none of your business, but the more we as men begin to do that, the more we will normalize it as our business."

Joyce Kyles started "Walking Into a New Life" in 2010 after she escaped years of domestic abuse.

Kyles knows first hand what victims need, and she knows how important men are in stopping other abusive men.

"Who better to address a man about a man situation than another man," said Kyles. "We need them; that's the bottom line, we need men to step up and speak out we need men to have a sense of accountability."

Porter told us now is the time to mobilize men in this effort.

Domestic violence has dominated the headlines for months, from the Ray Rice incident to two brutal domestic violence incidents in Memphis in September where women were killed allegedly by their abusers.

"There's a tremendous amount of community outrage, and we need to seize that moment," said Porter.

Women who contact "Walking Into a Mew Life" are connected to agencies in the community that offer support with housing, counseling and direction on how to start over.

This gives them tools they can use to change their situation and help them transition from victim to victorious.

While helping victims is important, both Kyles and Porter are focused on stopping the abuse before it happens.

"What are we pouring into our boys? What can we rethink that was taught to us?"

Porter and Kyles agree stopping domestic violence is a team effort and it's time for more men to get in the game.


    • NextGreatReporter

      @MISSC – I’m with you! I don’t know which is more frustrating… all the errors here on display or those the teachers send home in their announcements! If the educators can’t get it right, how can you hold others accountable?

  • Kevin

    Need us only when it benefits y’all, huh? I am not about to step any man about beating on a woman unless she’s my relative, friend, or girlfriend/ wife. Women feel as tho they can only use a man when the need arise. It doesn’t work like that with me. If you get into a relationship with a nut-case and he decide to go upside that head, you better call the police, that’s what they paid for ….

  • Joyce

    Thank you for covering this and featuring WIANL for the Bright Spot segment. Those who attended, have been working with us and/or have inquired since the segment have all had the opportunity to receive a true understanding of our continual efforts to bring men and women together to bring awareness, show the community some good men doing good work and find positive solutions for such a dark subject. We often see men in the news as the aggressor. We wanted to show a different perspective, and we are grateful for every opportunity we’ve been given to help others.

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