Two people killed in crash involving Bartlett Police officer

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — A second person has died in a crash involving a Bartlett officer.

The crash happened on Sunday afternoon at the corner of Stage Road and Bartlett Blvd.

The shattered glass and twisted metal found on the scene tell a story police are still investigating.

“It’s crazy. It’s something you don’t want to see,” Lauren Gebhardt said.

“It’s so sad. You’ve got to think about the family and the everybody involved,” Gebhardt said.

The police cruiser ended up over the curb and into a bush.

The front of the officer’s vehicle was torn to pieces.

“There were two cars, two ambulances, police cars everywhere,” Gebhardt described what she saw on the scene.

The officer was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.

“That police were in pursuit and he ran the light,” Gebhardt explained.

Witnesses told WREG the officer was speeding without their lights and sirens active.

Police have not confirmed the account people on the scene gave WREG.

After several phone calls, Bartlett Police have not said much about what actually took place during the incident or what they have found so far.

“It is scary cause you know a lot of people in the community and you know people are really close around here,” Gebhardt said.



  • Pam

    I heard they was chasing a car that had sideswiped another car, and the one who got hit was just minding their own business. Police need to calm down with these car chases, you got their tag so you know where they stay and you can find them later.

  • Molly Conaway Dill

    I’ve witnessed both BPD and MPD officers use their lights and sirens to simply get through a red light/stop sign, and also witnessed officers driving at high rates of speed with no lights and/or sirens. No matter what he was attempting to do (get through the red light, race to a call, etc) HE is at fault for the wreck AND death and should be treated accordingly.

  • Ching Ching 88

    Nothing to see here people. Please move along. Bartlett revenue generator will be exonerated on any fault, and will issue condolences to the family. Same ole same ole. Sad for this family. Very sad. There will be no justice.

    • matt

      yeah go join the hippie movement in Ferguson Missouri about that. the police officer did the right think and people need to get the hell OVER IT!!!!!!!

      • mckenzie

        Innocent people being killed by someone meant to protect our town is nothing to applaud and if you think that ferguson is a “hippie movement” it shows how close minded and ignorant you are. You should not be allowed to procreate

      • mckenzie

        Innocent people being killed by someone meant to protect our town is nothing to applaud and if you think that ferguson is a “hippie movement” it shows how close minded and ignorant you are. You should not be allowed to procreate

      • Rude Druid

        YOU, Matt, are a flaming idiot, for all the reasons other posters cite, and for just being a redneck, “Murka — love it or leave it” geezer. Again, you’re a wretched redneck idiot.

  • PoliceStateAmericanCitizen

    If this cop wasn’t running lights and sirens as is the safety requirement and he ran the light resulting in a civilian death he should be charged with vehicular manslaughter and the family needs to sue him for everything he has and the dept for hiring him. Enough of police not being accountable for their actions. Can’t they see the civilian population is tired of it? Police work for the people…to serve and protect. They aren’t prison guards. The people are sick of this behavior. ENOUGH of the requirement to hire police with IQs 65 to 90 (yes it is real), it’s time they abolish that rule and hire police with IQs over 120 and pay them at least a 50k salary. They will save money in the end from no more lawsuits and departmental issues resulting from small-minded or corrupt cops. Thats the solution. Wake up America! The Gov is taking our freedom away! A recent psychological evaluation nation wide revealed that 70% of cops would shoot an innocent if given the order by a superior (google it), as they are trained to do! Bring back the cops of old who we loved and trusted! Police who we could talk to about our day to day. I miss it so much.

    These times are really scary. Crime runs rampit while civilians are hurt or killed by the ones meant to protect them, all because they were in the wrong place in the wrong time or because they moved or said something in a way the cop didn’t like. Just last week in our great country there was a kid who was shot and killed for pulling a cell phone out of his pocket to call his mom, as he was instructed to do by her. He even told the cop he was calling her. This might be your child one day folks! ENOUGH! These new generation of cops are insane!

    • Rude Druid

      The cops hired and trained since 9/11 are militarized video-game-playing mallrats who just WANT to kill somebody.

      Older cops are AGHAST at these young thugs.

    • Rita

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Something needs to be done. Who ever this officer is needs to be handled just like a regular citizen would. No slap on the wrist, justice needs to be served point blank and the period

  • mz

    They do it all the time!!! They be going so fast, and don’t care what’s ahead!!! Especially in North Memphis….that’s a huge lawsuit…n should be his job as well….

  • Ric

    Unlike the Memphis scam cams, those “cameras above the intersection” are not cameras, they are lane sensors controlling the left turn signals. One of the merchants on/near that intersection might have caught it if their cameras were on the area.

    TBI needs to get it on this one, just like the Memphis crash a couple of years ago. Not looking good…..

  • JD

    I think I will wait on the full report to see what happened. I also will be praying for the family of the lost one in all of this. I also think the one being chased should be charged with murder…. Yea… That’s what I am going to do….

    • Crutchola

      The one being chased didn’t murder anyone. Driving away from the police does not kill people. Ramming people with your police car when you have no lights or siren to warn them definitely does kill people, as you can see here.

  • twosides

    A lot of angry comments here. People please, just want and expect a fair and reasonable outcome.

    People have died and that is sad, is the officer at fault? We should expect an investigation without bias and proper accountability for the actions that have taken place.

    Stop looking to anger for your defense and start asking for accountability.


      We all want a investigation without bias…that’s the problem, it doesn’t exist anymore. Police investigated police is like a parent investigating their child for a crime that could put them in jail. Yeah, you might have the occasional situation where they do the right thing, but for the most part they will do anything to keep their child out of jail. Bias is the problem. Police are no longer accountable to the people since new laws went into action after 9/11 to “cut the red tape,” and they intentionally recruit people through psychological evaluation who won’t second guess orders no matter how immoral. This is a serious dilemma. Our government has been given too much power by people who were scared after 9/11…the government will not take it back. The government and the people are now two seperate entities and that’s not what it was designed to be.

      The majority is suppose to rule the country not a mere 2%, so everything is now turned upside down and eventually our country as we know it will fail and we will lose our freedom. They must be made accountable to the people or the system doesn’t work and we will be the ones who pay for it.

  • Mark smith

    That was a dear friend of mine that cop killed I worked with her for 7 years . That officer should be charged to the full extent for taking someone from a family and a dear friend

  • Ric

    WREG–Call TBI in Nashville if Bartlett really hasn’t asked for the Applebee’s video!! This is very, very strange…….

  • mary

    Michelle is a precious friend of mine. She was murdered by the Bartlett Police Department. We are heartbroken beyond words.

  • mary

    Michelle is a precious friend of mine. She was MURDERED by the Bartlett Police Department. We are heartbroken and devastated beyond words.

  • mary

    We were going to celebrate Michelle’s birthday this Sunday at our church. She has been MURDERED by the Bartlett Police Department. The Bartlett Police will not release the name of her killer because the police always protect each other when they commit crimes. This is MURDER.

  • mary

    We were going to celebrate Michelle’s birthday this Sunday at our church, but she was murdered yesterday by the Bartlett Police Department.

  • Bluesman

    According to the Commercial Appeal: “The accident was still under investigation Monday, and police were not ready to release any details regarding reports of the officer speeding or whether the patrol car’s lights and sirens were on at the time. However, while the officer, in a one-man car, was not on a call, the assistant chief said “he was responding to another officer’s acknowledgment of trying to stop a violator.” The violator had allegedly run a red light.

  • Sally

    This is a very sad case and as sad as it is everyone deserves due process. I witnessed the whole accident and its just tragic all around. It started by the Dairy Queen leadung up to the railroad tracks on stage. The light had just turned green and a line of cars was moving through traffic. The police office turned his lights and sirens on got in the turning lane driving fast to get in front of traffic. Once he made it in front of everyone(he was by the Bartlett library then) he turned his lights and sirens off but he never showed signs of slowing down because the next light was red fornthe direction in which the officer was going and green for the direction the victims were going. Within seconds he slammed into that car. The bodies flew out of the car onto the ground. It was so tragic and could have been avoided. If he was responding or helping his fellow co worker why didn’t he leave his lights and sirens on? He clearly made a bad judgment call and was doing too much. And its unfortunate that two people lost their lives by being in the right place at the wrong time.

  • soulsabr

    Don’t worry everybody; just stay calm. The police are investigating whether or not the police did anything wrong. They will, of course, rely on the facts to make an unbiased judgement that the officer in question did no wrong and was following proceedures.

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