Police, mayor’s office respond to second teen mob attack in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- We now know three juveniles were charged after the violent attack in Midtown Friday night, but unlike the days after the Kroger parking lot attack, Memphis' police director and mayor aren't saying much.

Sharon Mourning was one of the victims in this weekend's violent mob attack near South Bellevue and Peabody.

She told WREG, "Memphis is going to burn if they do not control these children."

Mourning says the kids were crowded in the middle of the street and attacked her car.

Early Monday morning, WREG sent requests to talk with Police Director Toney Armstrong and Mayor A C Wharton.

People at city hall say the mayor is still out of town but want you to know, "The spike in violence in our city is attributable to a small, but destructive minority. The City is doing its part to provide alternatives for teenagers."

Wharton's office then said police are working with schools to stop similar problems from happening.

Police pointed the finger at parents.

In a prepared statement Armstrong said, "Parental supervision is crucial to reducing delinquent behavior; we have got to get our parents more involved with what is going on in the lives of our children."

Armstrong also said he'd ask the sheriff's office for help. County Mayor Mark Luttrell says the problem of youth violence is focused in Memphis.

"We are noticing our offender population is getting younger and younger. Our juvenile justice system issues are greater and greater," he said.

He says the responsibility falls on more than just parents and police. He wants to see social services step in, as well as the students who are going to school and staying out of trouble, to serve as mentors and motivators.


  • Long Gone

    The City is doing its part to provide alternatives for teenagers
    This city doesn’t have a clue. The alternative should be a farm somewhere they’re remove from public

  • Long Gone

    The City is doing its part to provide alternatives for teenagers
    Not a clue
    “We are noticing our offender population is getting younger and younger. Our juvenile justice system issues are greater and greater,” he said.
    Stop babies from having babies
    Start charging parents

  • Pam

    You go Sharon I wish you did have your gun that night and shot a couple of these thugs. It’s going to take a Black citizen shooting them to get them to wake up. Can you imagine if they attacked a white lady and she fired shots? There would be riots in the streets! Memphis really would be burning down like Ms Sharon says! We need our black citizens to take a stand against the criminal element making them all look bad.

    • MidtownMike

      I honestly believe Wharton and Armstrong are in racial solidarity with these hood rats. AC and Toney have sacrificed their morality of right versus wrong so blacks who live off the system and are “held down by the man” won’t be offended.
      It’s over for Memphis ya’ll. Bankruptcy by 2017.

      • MikeBarret

        When you consider that AC’s son is Henri’s lawyer and his wife was her campaign manager, it’s not too much of a stretch.

  • .

    “Because the sentence against a criminal act is not carried out quickly, the heart of people is filled with the desire to commit crime.”
    Ecclesiastes 8:11 (HCSB)

  • dre

    kids today their rights now (wow) The city or government took discipline away from parents so now its the parents fault!! its ok for police to whoop the kids but parents cant you do wrong wrong come to you. never should have taking spanking away from parents and prayer out of schools

  • Nothing but The Truth

    Otis Sanford turns this in to a Nashville having problems too. Idiot, the Nashville problem is the thugs escaping lockup. At least they lock their knuckle heads up. In Memphis they send the baboons home.

  • BamBam84

    Pretty soon it’s not going to be just kids. The kids thing will get way more out of control, then the “Adult,” gangs, including MPD are going to start running rampant.
    Only two “incidents,” in, and the news stations are bringing in LAWYERS to tell you how you can “Legally,” defend yourself against mob attacks?
    Should let you know, they’re preparing for/planning out more. Smdh. This place is a joke.
    If they don’t want more to happen, they would have rounded up every last one in the Circle K/ Kroger attacks and charged them with Conspiracy To Commit Hate Crimes and Tried them as adults. Grow a pair and send a message instead of using every opportunity to fear monger to the general public.
    This city’s disgracing it’s former self. And THAT takes some doing.

  • takenobull

    This would be a good time to chase away experienced cops to other cities by taking away their health benefits and continuing to reduce their pay. Also let us always remember these are just children what harm could they do.

  • Hooligan

    Wharton is a buffoon…the city in engulfed in black on black crime, black on white crime and the idiot in chief wants to hold more yute summits…what a joke, juvenile crime is out of control b/c of people like the racist henri brooks who sued juv ct over the usual racism bs…and b/c there is a black radical in charge of doj juvenile court can’t lock up black utes anymore….until the problem of feral black b a s tard children running amok is addressed nothing will change

  • Terrie

    if wharton isnt going to enforce the laws with these kids NOT being in school how does he think they’ll continue to act out? The alternative for these teenagers IS SCHOOL OR JAIL!!

  • Publius

    Remember these kinds of incidents whenever mass media tries to use loaded terms like “unarmed teenager” to drum up sympathy for those who die at the hands of someone defending themselves from their violence. Yes, “unarmed teenagers” are capable of quite a bit of damage and lethal means are justified to protect one’s self.

  • Michael

    Had that been me, with my kids in the car, I would have shot a few of them. A mob attacks and breaking through the windows throwing rocks/bricks shoot the ones directly at you. If that doesn’t stop the rest, put the car in gear and go.

  • Memphis Tom

    It seems like the city is doing everything they can do to encourage more violence while preventing people from defending themselves. If the cops show up it will be to arrest anyone who tried to defend themselves. Beating someone to death in the memphis streets is legal, trying to defend yourself, illegal.

  • Gary

    I have said it many times and I will repeat myself, my be it’s time for another mayor, I personally like the mayor, but maybe it’s time for new ideas, common sense tell us if it not working, change it! We need to because this our bread and butter, and you can run out of bread and butter.

  • Gary

    Sorry for the bad text, but I am writing on the run, but you get my point, if the mayor was a football coach and you were the owners you would fire him, his coaching is not winning, Memphis is losing, we’ve been on that cities with the highest crime list for forever, at what point will our leaders introduces ideas to change our sinking image, we need to be proactive now, and not wait until we go the way of Detroit.

  • Gary

    Please wake-up memphis before it’s too late, we don’t have to keep doing the samething over and over getting the same results.

  • Gary

    We need Jobs here, but who would want to come? We need motivational leadership, not just on election day, this is serious, our children are out of control, crime is very high, killing everyday, who will be the next victim, you?

  • Gary

    Memphis tax dollars are leaving out of fear, thats what happen to Detroit, even Mississippi will out pace us soon, it won’t be long, property value is at a all time low, we are losing big time.

  • Gary

    We need new leadership Now, we need to vote for our childern, our homes, our pocket bookso and our wallets, not because we like someone, but our best interest, we got a chance here now, we are at our crossroad.

  • Frank Stone

    Living in Memphis is like “Living in a Real Crime drama” ……… one where you hope you don’t get a part , and all the actors are creepy. Everybody has to have a place to call home. The fire has been burning a long long time. The parents are gangsters too.

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