Oklahoma beheading suspect reportedly tried to convert others to Islam before attack

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Alton Nolen

MOORE, Okla. — Witnesses say Alton Nolen beheaded one woman and tried to kill another before being shot by an armed co-worker in Moore, Oklahoma.

The FBI is now involved in the investigation into the attack at a food distribution plant .

Moore, Oklahoma Sgt. Jeremy Lewis told KFOR-TV Nolen had just been fired when he drove to the front of the business, hit a vehicle and walked inside.

He walked into the front office area where he encountered 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and police say he began attacking her with a knife.

Hufford was stabbed several times and that Nolen “severed her head.”

Police said Nolen approached 43-year-old Traci Johnson and began attacking her with the same knife.

Investigators said, Mark Vaughan, a Oklahoma County reserve deputy and former CEO of the business, shot Nolan as he was stabbing Johnson.

“He’s a hero in this situation,” Sgt. Lewis said, referring to Vaughan. “It could have gotten a lot worse.”

Authorities say it appears Nolen was attacking employees at random.

Johnson is in stable condition at a local hospital, recovering from her injuries.

The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself.

Lewis says the FBI is working in conjunction with the Moore Police Department, especially when it comes to the religious aspect of the case.

At this time, it is not known if the suspect’s beliefs played a role in the attack.

Vaughan Foods released the following statement about the attack:

“On behalf of everyone at Vaughan Foods, we are shocked and deeply saddened by the events of today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the team member we lost and all those affected. Our focus is on the safety and well-being of our employees. We will provide counseling and support for our team members and support each other through this difficult time. We are working with authorities on this active investigation and ask that you direct your questions to local law enforcement.”


  • L. Hinton in Memphis

    Wished the reserve deputy would have shot him before stabbing and beheading the first woman, sad. But thankful he did shoot the suspect before he did more than he did to the second woman. Sad situation. What an evil person.

  • John Odell Graybeal

    Don’t know if his religion played any part in the attack?? Duh! How many other religions do you know where the members go around attacking and beheading people. I don’t believe the Satanist even do that!

    • Low Profile

      Um, let’s see. Aha, the Inquisition and the Salem witch trials maybe? Oh, and let’s not forget the Crusades. Or that old Catholic vs Protestant thing in Europe either.

      • Low Profile

        Slavery never ended. Now, it’s just called debt, and it doesn’t care what color you are so long as you bleed green. And we weren’t talking about slavery. We were talking about religion, and that hasn’t gone anywhere… or changed for the better.

      • Howard Stern

        You brought up historical events that have no relevance in today’s world and tried to compare them to what is CURRENTLY going on with Muslims and their violent religion. Get out of the past and focus on today. By the way, slavery in the United States ended in 1865. If a person gets into debt, it is of their own doing. And since I have to spell it out for you, the only reason I even brought up slavery is because there are people in this community that hold themselves back because they choose to focus on the past (slavery) and attempt to use it as a present day excuse for their situation and behavior. Pull your head out of your a$$ and the past and focus on what is going on now.

      • Low Profile

        You people are hilarious. You think something has actually changed in 3000 years on the most fundamental of levels. teehee This kind of stuff never stopped. It probably never will.

      • Low Profile

        And history (the past) is not to be focused on unless you’re an academic. Equally, it’s not to be dismissed and ignored either. It is to be contemplated and remember to prevent its repetition. Cause and effect still remain cause and effect. Motive and means are unchanged. To dismiss that… well, that would putting your head up your (bleep). But, by all means, be my guest.

      • Howard Stern

        One thing about history is that you can learn a lesson. So let’s look at that. The Inquisition occurred between the 12th and 14th centuries. The Crusades, they started in 1095 and lasted, at best, into the 1400s. The Salem witch trials occurred in the late 1600s. It is now 2014. It seems maybe Christians have learned something from history. As such, your reference to these events has absolutely no relevance on the world of today. Let me repeat that – none of this is going on today. Now, let’s look at Islam – the ‘religion’ that teaches ‘convert or die’ (Hadith 2:483). Let’s not forget ‘kill anyone who leaves the faith’ (Hadith 9:57). These words are based upon the teaching of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and were written not long after his death in the year of 632. Putting that in perspective, when was the last beheading of an innocent prisoner done by followers of Islam – not including the person associated with this headline? The answer is yesterday or maybe even today. The key to this story is that unlike your references, this is occurring in today’s world. So again, please, pull your head out of your a$$ and wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Tim

    Of course the libtards will want to charge the manager with the weapon, since they are such geniuses that they know that things would have played out better had they waited 10 minutes for the police.

    A classic case of second amendment rights working as they should.

  • Nobody

    Yes indeed, let’s blame all of these problems on religion and ban religion. Let’s look at THAT track record. Tell me again about the religion-free Utopias under the guidance of Stalin and the beneficent Chairman Mao. The Utopian societies where millions starved or were killed for no reason than arbitrary mathematics.

    If you want to play the history card, check both sides of it before you lay it down.

    • Dick in Cordova

      Not “religion”, NOBODY, … Islam. Have you not noticed what’s going on in the world these days with islamists savagely murdering many scores of innocents in the Mideast, Asia and Africa, … not to mention the 911 attack.
      Seems to be horribly lopsided. It’s almost all islamist initiated.
      Catch up, ma man!

  • Low Profile

    Okay, everybody point a finger. Say, it’s Islam, or it’s race, or it’s the left wing, the right wing, the communists, or it’s what somebody ate for breakfast. Pretend existence is a microcosm – the world the size of an English pea – and that any time not now-now-now should be irrelevant, as if human nature can flip a switch on 200,000 years of development. What do you see? You see smoke. And you can yell and scream there’s a fire all day long. You may even put that fire out… for the moment. But you’ve done nothing, because you never even saw the dragon.

    • rn

      Low profile. You’re like white bread that’s been soaked in milk. You’re not an agnostic. You’re an apologist. If your such a historian, perhaps you can point to the physical evidence or even antidotel evidence, that Jesus even existed. What? Can’t find it ? Gee wizz, what a surprise. That’s must mean that there’s more then enough evidence of god. How can I not see it any other way. Sound logical to you, does it ? I want to open this forum up to religion in general. Any takers ?

      • Low Profile

        No one here really reads, do they? Oh, yeah, not without their blinders on. Smoke. Can’t ya just smell it. Ya’ll have a great weekend trying to beat each other up so you can feel better about yourselves. Oh, and that’s “anecdotal”. And I ain’t apologizing to anybody for anything, ever. That includes you.

  • rn

    I’ve posted 4 comments & you’re little Jesus freak editors won’t let me publish. What cowards. You call yourselves American ?

  • Nobody

    Dick in Cordova…

    I was being facetious. Seems several on here have a problem with religion and point out atrocities in history as justification for banning any and all faiths.

    And they always gloss over the fact that a society free of religion has already been tried and was just as ruthless and blood-soaked as any holy war ever was. But that doesn’t fit liberal agendas. Does it?

    • rn

      It’s never been tried. Read your history. The German SS had “God is on our side” on their belt buckles. North Korea worships Young Un until their knees bleed. Does anyone have the courage to live without these childish beliefs ? Atheism is not Communism, nor would I advocate people being forced to believe in anything. But when your religious beliefs mess with the U.S. constitution, it’s time for you to stand down or people who want to protect the first amendment will put you down. Religious beliefs are destroying this entire world. Keep yours to yourself & let the rest of us follow Elon Musk into space. We’re going places. All you believers can stay back in the year zero. You wouldn’t even be having this discussion without science but in all likely hood that means nothing to you, because god invented science also, didn’t he ? You have no logic, you have no reason & that is why religion is failing today. People simply aren’t mature enough to accept it.

  • TheEze

    Lets ban all Muslims. And make it WORSE! Great Idea!

    And how on Earth did you guys manage to get slavery into the convo? #Amazing

    • Howard Stern

      The same way some dumbf*ck managed to get shiz like the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Salem witch trials in the conversation. It has no relevance.

    • rn

      I’ve said nothing about banning religion. It can’t be done because it’s the favorite toy of the ignorant. The U.S. has an average IQ. 50% of you are below that average. What I did say, was close the borders to Muslim immigration. No nation is secure, unless it’s borders are secure & ours are not. But yes, we all have dreams & mine would be that everyone who believes in God, to go to him NOW——-PLEASE. Like Christopher Hitchens said, ” If you’d given Jerry Falwell an enema just before his death, you could have buried him in a matchbox.

  • Just Saying, too

    Is WREG owned by FOX? I knew the moment I saw the headlines and WHO wrote the article that some sort of prejudice, bias, or hate mongering was going to be baited on this board. While this murderer is surely going to get what is coming to him, there is also a special place in hell for an editor/writer, who enjoys the thrill of stirring the pot, whether it be through race relations in this city or ANY other kind of hate. WREG if nothing more than a tabloid and should be viewed as such, for real news and mature postings, try another news source…ANY other news source.

  • Obama and his muslim friends

    Islam is a government. We have the Constitution and they have the Quran. It is a religious government. It defines their laws, elections, social structure, and the food they eat. It covers the way men and women must clothe themselves. It dictates sentencing for crimes from everything to cutting off your hands for stealing, to stoning women who commit adultery, to beheading anyone who ridicules Mohammad.
    One more accomplishment of Obama by flooding this nation with these radical killers. All the way from the Muslim at Ft Hood. to Little Rock, New Jersey and Baltimore. Obama and his wedding ring with the Arabic inscription “there is no god but allah” says it all.
    Illegals flooding this nation in record numbers, and instead of prosecuting and deporting, our muslim in the white house grants them amnesty.
    City employees losing their insurance due to astronomical increases due to Obamacare.
    Taxes raised and record revenue coming into the government and we still spend 500 BILLION more a year than we are taxed. This to go along with a 17 TRILLION dollar debt that Obama has almost doubled during his tenure.
    And come November the idiotic citizens of this city will vote for more of the same. They will elect the same incompetent liars and crooks they always have. Lies such as the government is not reading your emails, the IRS taking the 5th, lies on Benghazi, lies on you can keep your doctor, lies on running guns to Mexican drug cartels, the list is absolutely endless. And of course the lie on you can keep your insurance. How is that working out for you city employees?

  • Long Gone

    Two weeks ago ISIS put out that Jihadist kidnap and behead women. Look around, while it may not be a Jihadist, lot of people out there a few bricks shy of a full load.

  • rn

    Don’t trust or waste your time writing on this site. They’re pulling down comments they don’t agree with. Nothing like freedom of speech in a free country. I can insult religion, just not yours, is that it ? You should be ashamed to call yourself American.

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