MATA seeks state and federal input on trolleys

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Area Transit Authority is seeking state and federal input on getting the trolleys running again.

Trolley service was suspended in June after two fires on trolleys within six months.

“MATA has made substantial progress to make sure the trolleys are safe for our customers. Our initial focus on five trolleys for in-depth inspection, repair and certification to get back in service is now expanded to as many as seven trolleys.”

MATA is evaluating each component of the trolley system including bridges, tracks and the overhead power lines.

Previously we were told MATA hired an engineering consultant and a leading “vintage trolley maintenance expert” to oversee the project.

The cost to bring the trolleys back could range between $6 and $37 million.

State and federal officials are expected to, provide, “expert consulting assistance and participating in regular coordination meetings to help ensure that we are fully coordinated throughout the process.”

This likely means those green buses will continue to replace the trolleys for the near future.