Former pastor indicted for a second time on sexual battery charges

ALCORN COUNTY, Miss. -- The Grand Jury in Alcorn County, Missi., has indicted former pastor Timothy Nall for a second time on allegations stemming from a sexual battery case involving a young girl.

Nall, who is no longer the pastor of Farmington Baptist Church near Corinth, is accused of sexually abusing the young girl when the child was 6 and 7 years old.

The alleged abuse happened while Nall was still pastor at  Farmington Baptist.

Nall's trial in August ended in a mistrial after jurors couldn't agree on a verdict.

This latest two-count indictment contains one count for sexual battery and a new count of fondling.

The indictment stems from the same allegations that led to Nall's 2013 indictment.

Friday, a friend of alleged victim spoke out about the new indictment and if there will finally be closure in the case.

"I think most people would like to see it come to an end. Especially the family," Gene Jobe said.

Jobe sat through every day of former pastor Nall's trial in August,  which ended in a mistrial.

He is a personal friend of the alleged victim and her family and said the new indictment offers hope justice will be served.

"I hate to see this thing keep on going. But I've come understand why the parents want to keep it going. Cause it's their kid and this guy needs to be stopped," said Jobe.

Emotions were high August 8th when the mistrial was declared.

Nall left the courtroom, thanked his supporters, but had no comment for News Channel 3.

Cindi Bullard was one of the 12 jurors sitting through a week of testimony and ending up deadlocked.

"There were six people thought that he was guilty and six people thought that he was not guilty," said Bullard.

She said it's difficult for people to understand the pressure felt by jurors in such a sensitive case, but she's not surprised by the new indictment against Nall.

"And it was just heart wrenching that we couldn't come to a decision on whether who was telling the truth. Whether it was the little girl that was telling the truth, and her family. Or whether it was the preacher that was telling the truth," said Bullard.

It's not know when the new trial will take place,  but Jobe said he plans to be there.

"I would like to see this trial get over with. Cause I am worried about the whole family," said Jobe.

Nall's attorney declined an interview on the new indictment, saying he wanted more time to review the document.